November 27, 2007

Does Arun eat hay?

Updated to add a paragraph that Jenny referred to - I had deleted it, but she caught me.
Lately, I have been playing a game with Arun that I call Silly Questions. I suspect mothers have been playing it for ages, so I cannot claim to have invented it. I ask Arun a series of questions and he answers "yes" or "no". Does Arun eat cheese? Does Arun eat hay? Does the kitty eat yogurt? Does Mama drive the car? Does Anju Baby drive the car? You can guess the answers and which ones make him giggle the most. Anyway....

Arun is so much FUN these days. We still struggle mightily with sleeping and napping - the new bed lasted about two whole weeks. We now use it for hanging out on while we read books. In fact, we have a crib and twin bed in a room in which neither of my children sleep. X and I have totally invested in this co-sleeping thing at this point. Which we are all totally fine with because we are sleeping. Which is a fairly important activity in my life, this thing called "sleeping". Anyway, it is worth the struggles with sleep because other than that, things have been going fairly smooth.

This morning, we had our meeting our Parents as Teachers Educator, R. We both had a moment of "Oh. Hmmm...". At our last visit, I had mentioned that he knew most of his ABCs. This visit, I mentioned that he knows nearly all of them now, but sometimes spaces on the Q and confuses X with K sometimes. R thought on the last visit that I was talking about recitation, not reading. The most exciting thing lately is that he is also able to recognize a few words now - his name, Anju's name, zoo, and DVD (although, does DVD even count as a word? Is it not an acronym?). Anyway, he is totally on his way to Chechov, Dickens, Twain. Right? No? Whatever. It was nice to know that he is on track with that stuff at least because until recently, he had not been Rockin' the Talkin' very much.

Last night, I put the Christmas tree up sans ornaments but with the lights to get him used to it.

Me: Look! Arun, it's a Christmas tree.
Arun: No! Da green tree! GREEN tree.

The kid calls 'em like he see 'em. I am an idiot, apparently.


Anonymous said...

Welcome to many, many years of your kids thinking you are an idiot. It only gets worse.

Jenny said...

The K and X thing is no big deal. Some kids are still doing that in kindergarten.
Also, yes I think DVD is a word you can count! I think anything that is a word that has meaning to him counts. He knows what a DVD is, therefore, is WERD.
Also, if you think you're an idiot now...Drew's been rolling his eyes at me for years. Just wait until that starts.

Mamma Sarah said...

WOW, you got one smart cookie on your hands. Ha to the comment about being an idiot... my parents use to say "you must think I'm an idiot" to us all the time... hmmm...