November 2, 2007

Are you ready to rumble?

So, this is a loose schedule at best:

Monday - Rancid Recipes
Tuesday - Flashback Post In Which I Illustrate My History of Perfecting "Lame"
Wednesday - The Usual Crap Whereby I Totally Sacrifice My Kids' Rights to Privacy
Thursday - This Product is Good Because I Said So (aka Shit I Like)
Friday - Passing the Buck Where I Simply Link to Other People's Shit (aka Linky Love)
Saturday - Cheater Post Where I Simply Repeat What Others More Important Than Me Have Already Said (aka Quotes I Like)
Sunday - Knitting Posts Fraught With Suspense - Since We All Know that Posts About Yarn Are NAIL BITERS.

Average Jane is doing a similar schedule because yes, we are in Junior High. If you would like to also join us in 6th period study hall, feel free to follow along.

Many posts will contain some sort of food element, snaps of my kids, and thrilling updates on the minutiae of my life because living in the suburbs of Kansas City is ample fodder for excitement. Furthermore, I will be shamelessly whoring out my blog to promote our new business, The Big Idea. Unfortunately, The Big Idea is delayed in its release - look for it the 2nd week of November or so.

Sadly, as a telling omen, I was not savvy enough to think ahead and collect links from my favorite posts this week to compile Friday's Post. Also, I will not be linking only to NaBloPoMo victims - I plan to include links from anyone I read who happens to make me laugh, cry or think. However, Manoj is in Boston this week and I am holding down the fort. Unfortunately, the fort does not want to go to sleep AT ALL and when they do sleep, they would rather it be with me sandwiched between them. All my obnoxious posts about co-sleeping are being shoved right up my ass this week. Although, to be truthful, co-sleeping has saved my sanity since at least I am getting some shut-eye. I cannot fathom doing this sleep deprived. The one saving grace is that when the fort is awake, they are adorable and fairly agreeable. Sorta makes it worth it.

The Heir and His Hair

Workin' It



Leah said...

Googleability alert! Change to X! ;)

(I do that all the damn time so wanted to give you a heads up)

I adore that pic of Anjali. Looooove.

Cagey (Kelli Oliver George) said...

Hmmm. Good point. Will edit out X's real name. Fortunately, that is a very common name, so there is not much Google Juice to be had.


Christy said...

Although I co-slept with Porgie, I have officially kicked her out of my bed. Hopefully we won't have any regressions when Izzy arrives. I can't imagine sleeping in bed with John, Porgie, and Izzy. I have a hard enough time just sleeping next to John. I really need my own private bed, away from all babies and hisbands.

Karen MEG said...

Gawd, your kids have good hair.
And you are very organized. I'm just gonna fly by the seat of my granny panties.
Good luck!

Mamma Sarah said...

And here I thought that my husband was the only one to torture little ones with crazy hair standing on end pictures. :-D

Jenn said...

OH. MY. GOD. That picture of Anjali is soooo funny. LOLOLOL

Heza Hekele said...

Hilarious Hair!