March 4, 2013

Drunk With Money

A month ago, I accepted a short-term engagement with a new firm working with a new client making new money that necessitated new clothes and a new routine. And obviously, a new handbag.  I absolutely detest clothes shopping, but I am still in lust with my new handbag. While I do have some fun shopping in mind (mostly in the form of some minor updates in our house) I  suspect that Manoj is concerned with how eager my neighbor Evan is to help me spend my newfound, legitimately-gotten gains. Furthermore, the primary objective to this new gig is for us to bulk up our savings account since it has become a little flabby in the abs.  So, the house will get a few minor updates, but mostly will remain as woe-begone as usual.  

Mostly, everything with all this New Stuff Going On has been going fine.  Just fine! Well, if you don’t count the fact that both children have been sick and Kansas City was hit with unreasonable (albeit seasonable) snow which meant sick children were not going to school anyway.  Fortunately, this was mostly not MY problem because with my New Routine comes New Hours which means that I leave the house at 5:30am each morning which means most of the scheduling headache has been Manoj’s.

In other news, because of all the snow, Manoj was in a minor car wreck the other day while taking Anjali to school.  The wreck occurred very close to our home – specifically, a mere two houses down from our own driveway.  In fact, at one point during the hub-bub with the police reporting and tow-truck wrangling, Anjali grew bored with it all and simply left the crime scene to go home and make herself a sandwich.

If you don’t believe this to be true, then you obviously have not met my daughter.

One of my favorite conversations in the aftermath of the car wreck went like this:
Me: Don’t you think we should look for a rental car tomorrow?
Manoj: I don’t need a car over the weekend.
Me: Well, I have to be at work at 8am on Monday, how will you get to work?
Manoj: I’ll get a ride from someone in the office.
Me: But what about the kids?
Manoj: I’ll get a ride after I drop them off.
Me: But how will you drop them off if you don’t have a car?

And if you don’t believe this conversation to be true, then you obviously have not met my husband.