November 4, 2007

Are you sleeping?

I was supposed to do a knitting post today, but will have to do it later. I have some pics of the pieces for Anjali's blanket thus far, but they are held captive on the camera.

Holy crap. I do NOT know what has gotten into Arun these past few weeks, but he is not sleeping for anything. He fights going to sleep, is completely exhausted and then when he does go to sleep, he wakes up about every hour or so throughout the night. I feel as if I am going certifiably insane. I dread bedtime and have totally, completely given up on naptime. I cannot even stomach trying to put him down.

The oddest part is that when he is awake, he is a dream. Happy, charming, sweet. Even when he is exhausted, he gets goofy and snuggly.

Then, Jackie writes about her own son's sleeping issues and I feel so much better. It is not just us. We are not bad parents. We are not the only ones suffering. Driving around in our cars at all hours of the night. It is probably just some phase Arun is going through. Maybe it is the teeth. Maybe it is developmental milestones he has been hitting lately. Maybe it is the new sister, the new day school. I do not know. I just know that I have to grasp tightly to the knowledge that he will sleep someday. Somehow. Somewhere.

Did I mention that X has been in Boston? We are picking him up this morning, hence the need for a quickie post. I cannot WAIT until tonight, when I can snuggle into bed with only Anjali and just sleep.


Christy said...

Lots of kids give up naps early. One of my friends has a 23 month old, who absolutely refuses to nap. You can't make a child sleep.

Dee said...

We've been having our own sleep issues over here the last couple of weeks. Last night, after throwing a HUGE tantrum, Zach slept for an entire 7 hours straight and I thought I was in heaven. He also took an actual nap today. I'm just hoping the lucky streak continues!

Rozanne said...

What I don't get is how he's able to be happy, charming, etc. on so little sleep. I guess that's something.

Unknown said...

Glad hubby's coming home to give you a hand.

You know, despite what the experts say, I think there's very little we as parents can do to control how are kids sleep. Just know that this, too, shall pass. (And hopefully soon!)

Moderndayhermit said...

I always wondered if something was wrong with our (Richard and my) scheduling or something as Alex only takes naps a couple times a week. When? Who knows. I always wondered this due to my Mom babysitting for 20+ years and all the kids took naps from 1-3:30 SHARP.

But, I think it isn't so much that they were always napping. It was their chillout time. So, every once in a while when Alex gets put down for a nap he doesn't sleep. He is in his room reading books, making his car noises, doing puzzles and singing to himself. Often times he asks to go up in his room for this alone time.