November 10, 2007

Can I quote you on that?

Before I can live with other folks I've got to live with myself. The one thing that doesn't abide by majority rule is a person's conscience.
-Harper Lee

Good instincts usually tell you what to do long before your head has figured it out.
-Michael Burke

A great many people think they are thinking when they are merely rearranging prejudices.
-William James

In my 3 years worth of blogging, I have posted some things that have pissed people off or hurt their feelings. This is never my intent, of course, but still..... I have made mistakes. I try to not be controversial - believe it or not. Generally, if I am posting about something that could be perceived as sticky, I am only doing so because I am genuinely interested in your opinions as well. For example, the healthcare post earlier this week - I do have strong opinions on it and that post made me think all day, as well as your comments. After all, if I did not care what you think, I would not leave comments open.

A month ago, I posted about fundraisers. This topic is not something new to me - Goofy Girl and I have discussed these before over the years, as she has been thrown into the fundraising business herself with her son. Unfortunately, that particular post came on the heels of a friend's email about a fundraiser her daughter was having. And stupidly, I did not give my friend a heads up that I was posting about fundraisers. And yes, you guessed it - she was upset when she read the post. I do not blame her. One bit. It totally appeared as if I was taking a passive aggressive swipe at her. I have emailed her twice apologizing profusely. However, I do owe her a public apology as well.

In short, I should not have put that post out there without giving her a heads up beforehand. I was wrong.

I do not want to be afraid to write about things like that, but I do need to be more cognizant of others' feelings.

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