June 2, 2010

'Tis a tragedy that a blinking cursor is not motivational.

I am feeling a bit Wordless Wednesday today. 

I would talk about my recent vacation into the murky depths of the Ozark Mountains in Branson, MO this past weekend (a trip which promised to take us back 100 years in time), but I forgot my camera battery and had to totally Old School it with disposable cameras that require FILM and ultimately, trips to Costco to dig out FOLDERS and do some old-fashioned HANDWRITING with PEN by HAND and then scamper back to my hole to do some WAITING and then, some more WAITING. 

Remember those days?  When you would anxiously await your vacation photos, then excitedly pick them up, rip the envelope up while you were still IN THE STORE only to find that half of the photos were crap???  Remember those days?  Yeah.  I am living those days.  And how can I do a vacation post without photos?    After all,  the International Bylaws of Blogging explicitly state in Article 5 "Blog Fodder Rules and Regulations", Section 2.b.321.c  that "photos must accompany all posts detailing trips of more than 50 miles from one's personal abode"  I am not sure what the punishment for violating Article 5, Section 2.b.321.c would entail (yanking of one's URL? SPAM comments?), but I do know that  I do not want to find out.  So yeah, what happens in Redneck Vegas has stayed in Redneck Vegas.  At least, until I get my damned snaps back.

I would like to talk about the oil spill, but there are far more introspective pieces about that topic (a frustrating topic which is discussed daily in our household.)  I would like to talk about a recent tragedy that has happened in our blogging world, but it is a blogger who I did not even read and I would feel as I were jumping on some sort of Anguish Bandwagon (but seriously, folks - HUG YOUR CHILDREN and never ever rest on your parenting laurels thinking you have it all figured out.  And then, HUG YOUR CHILDREN again.) 

So, I would like to talk about a lot of things, but instead, I will leave you with some snaps of a sweet girl and her precious kitties while I get my virtual ass offline to go HUG MY CHILDREN tight (real, real tight) and bake them some more apple pfannekuchen.

Peace, y'all.

New and Improved Simian Snappage! Now, with more felines!

Both of my baby girls.

Vanessa used to be my cat.  Anjali has taken over.  Every night when I turn off the lights, Vanessa jumps into bed to snuggle with us throughout the night. Each morning, Anjali spends some time petting Vanessa before even getting out of bed to start her day.

Sleeping Beauty

Babies, v1.0

The original babies of the George Household (not pictured, our fearless VP of Pestilence Control, Harry)

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