November 6, 2007

Care to join me on Memory Lane?

The Eyebrows Have It
Before she was even born, I made a solemn promise to my baby girl. I will take her to a good salon the moment it becomes apparent the caterpillars are threatening a mutiny on her face.

It is the least I could do considering my part in the poor girl's Heritage of Hirsute.


Early 1990s

Mid 1990s


Mamma Sarah said...

Amen for eyebrow waxing/grooming. I feel your pain with the bushy genes. If I didn't get mine done, I could bet that I would have had a uni-brow...

Anonymous said...

I'm such a fan of the wax -- I cannot believe we survived two decades without it. And you know what? The minute I saw the caterpillars crawling on Miss Priss? They were waxed before she could even say 'ouch'!

Lovely 'do, as well. Hee!

Christy said...

I guess I am lucky, because my eyebrows are blond (but my hair is brown - I am strange). I rarely ever do any maintenance on them.

Diana said...

As long as you council her in the dangers of the over-waxed 'surprised starlet' look, of course. To me, that is worse than the unibrow or the twin caterpillars.

Of course this is from someone with her caterpillars mostly unplucked, so take it with some salt. Brooke Shields's brows are my idols.

Monkey McWearingChaps said...

I think it's a delicate line to walk between being Pelt Positive vs. Allowing Your Hirsute Progeny to be Roundly Mocked...but you're a sensible gal and totally up to the challenge.

I can't WAIT to explain arm-pelt to my children. I am just praying none of my children are born with a 'stache, because those are the ones I feel the worst for. I mean, you can't introduce Sally Hansen to a 2 week old, can you?

Oh heh-so when my sister was on the neonatology unit she actually had some American doctors ask her why all the desi/middle eastern/demi-ethnic babies were so...hairy. LOL.

Pelts unite!

Dee G. said...

Do you still have that sweatshirt? I had to do a doubletake on the hairstyles, since the pictures are 5 years apart but the shirt is the same. :)

Dooneybug said...

That gold necklace is SO 1980's!!! I love it, haha!

I have had the waxing of the brows too but if I keep on top of it with tweezing, then I save myself the $10 it costs to do it.

Anonymous said...

I've made piece with my own caterpillars. They're massive, and I do wax, but not nearly enough!

Great pics!