November 21, 2006

Where have I have been?

So, for a few weeks I complain about being tired, being queasy and general malais of that sort. The solution? Apparently, packing up my pregnant ass and the Dawdler to head out to San Francisco. Yes, after much whining about being so tired from lying around, I managed to find the energy to go to San Francisco and hike around "them thar hills". In truth, I can't recommend that someone pack a toddler up while pregnant in one's 1st trimester, then proceed to board an aircraft. Yes, I am glad I went on the trip - it was great to walk around and get lots of fresh air, but I was sick for most of the trip. And poor Arun did NOT sleep well in the hotel room. The downside of him being such a great traveler is that he gets SO excited, that he can't calm down enough to sleep. Other than the sleep issues at night, he did great. He was very excited to be out and about seeing things and even took great naps while in the stroller.

It felt sorta lame to post random posts while out of town - I wrote them ahead of time, then posted as the days went by. However, a friend of mine who is in the security biz highly recommend that I not announce out of town trips anymore like I used to, so I decided to follow her good advice. Still, it felt weird.

So, yet again, I toured much of San Francisco via foot, although I did add the element of "Bus" to my travels - There were some spots that were too far to walk to in my delicate condition, so I figured out the Muni system there. For example, I would take the bus to a destination, then walk back as a compromise. The clerks in the hotel were flabbergasted the day that I walked back from the Golden Gate Promenade all the way to Van Ness & Washingon. Furthermore, X and I walked from our hotel to Chinatown not once, but TWICE (we were staying at the Hotel Carlton on Sutter & Larkin). Um, for to those of you not familiar with San Francisco, those are some fucking LONG paths, not even considering the hills.

Anyway, we arrived Thursday night and by Sunday, I was helping other folks figure out their bus lines. Sunday afternoon, I was feeling mighty proud of myself after having helped someone yet again on their way. Then, Puffed with Pride, I boarded the bus that I myself was waiting for and promptly knocked an elderly Asian lady with the stroller whereupon she pronounced me to be Stupid!. Loudly. As in, the ENTIRE bus was now privy to the knowledge that I am, indeed, Stupid. I can't say I blamed her, either.

I will continue this post tomorrow, but for now I am going to throw out some pictures and call it a day. This morning, I called X and told him that I was too sick to blog. Yo! TOO SICK TO BLOG. X knew that I was serious and even brought lunch for me. Unfortunately, Feeding the Fetus requires double decker tacos with fire sauce from Taco Bell and X, showing his devout adoration for me, obliged. I can't believe that I am back to eating Taco Bell again. AND sharing it with my toddler.

A Gap store at the corner of Haight & Ashbury? Dude, that's just WRONG.

Haight & Cole. Another one for the Stroller Series.

Again, with the Stroller Series. View of Alcatraz from Pier 39 on Fisherman's Wharf.

Lunch on Columbus St.

Muir Beach, sunset. Because no one EVER takes a sunset picture. I'm SO original like that.

Golden Gate Promenade

Golden Gate Promenade


Leah said...

Wow. That makes ME tired and I am not in that 1st trimester sleep-fog. You kick ass.

Monkey McWearingChaps said...

The dawdlwer looks like a little boy!!

Looks like a very fun trip. Btw, my agency's SF office is v. close to Chinatown. My favourite lawyers have been subtlely trying to recruit me to work up there by letting me know we could meet for "Lunch Dim Sums at Yank Sing!"

Yeah, I know they want to keep Mentos as their L.A. ally and have me up there as their SF ally but DIM SUM LUNCHES. Is there any better reason to move?

Anonymous said...

That last one is priceless. You can just see his future glee at receiving his first iPod.

Anonymous said...

You kick ass! Traveling with toddler and fetus and then walking all the hell over the place.

SF looks incredibly cool and beautiful. Can you believe I've never been there?

You know, Taco Bell (and fire sauce) is one of my guilty pleasures. It really the only global fast-food chain I ever patronize.

-qir said...

HA! If I'd known you were coming I woulda given you the lowdown on my local faves. Oh well, you had a lovely time regardless.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a fun trip, even with all of the walking. Arun looks like he was having a great time!

Anonymous said...

Da'yum, that kid is cute. He apparently is pleased with the choice of Taco Bell. (My fetus enjoyed McDonalds. Three times a week.)

When I was first-trimester pregnant we were hiking in Estes Park on the first day of summer and it SNOWED. You are a trooper. It looks like a beautiful trip.

Anonymous said...

What great pics, especially the Arun looking like a turtle one. Hee. :)

And congrats for continuing to NaBloPoMo post while you were out adventuring. I am proud.