November 8, 2006

Has the world gone mad?

Wow. More Blogger Bashing. Gee whiz. It's one thing to disagree with what a blogger has said - I did so myself last week. However, some of the flamewars going on have gotten personal and even downright dirty. Can't we all just get along for ONE month? Where's the NaBloPoMo Spirit, people?

Okay. The past few days have been rough. Apparently, Arun is teething, as evidenced by the fact that at the end of our last two playdates, he has ended up in my arms with his head on my shoulders. You know your Dawdler isn't feeling well when he doesn't even want to PLAY. Considering how I didn't even know his last 4 teeth were coming in until I could see and/or feel them, I guess I have been pretty lucky. Yeah, he was a little cranky with those other teeth, but these teeth? Are totally kicking his diapered bootie. I feel so sorry for him. At least, I am feeling okay so far, because that would be really tough if I had morning sickness already. However, I am constantly starving. It's like I can't eat enough, which seems to be an odd early pregnancy symptom, if you ask me. I have gained 2 pounds since I came up pregnant. WTF?

So. Anyone surprised that Britany and KFed are Splitsville? The whole thing is just sad. Yes, they made a great punchline, but damn, their youngest kid isn't even 2 months old. It is grimly UNsatisfying to see something crash and burn so spectacularly when 2 years ago you could predict this very scenario. It's not nearly as much fun when you see it coming. Same goes for Reese and Ryan - that's been coming down the pike for a few years now, too.

Awww. Quick Cute Kid Story: Yesterday at the park, one of my friends alerted me to what appeared to be a Mauling. Instead, it was Older Nephew giving Arun a big ole bear hug. At the park, surrounded by other kids. Even though Older Nephew is 5 years old, an age where boys start to become aware of PDAs. Come on, isn't that sweet?

Ahem. In the last 24 hours, I have found out about not one, but TWO real life friends who are gestating with due dates within a few weeks of me. ROCK ON. Very exciting stuff. So far, I have the best shot of the 7/7/7 birthdate, though. Because it's a contest, of course.

Bababababa. I voted yesterday. It was a no brainer - the polling place was a reasonable walking distance and fortunately, voting counts as Dawdler Entertainment. The place echoed, too which provided for perfect acoustics as Arun practiced various consonants with a few vowels thrown in for affect. We were SO popular, I tell ya. I do wonder, what's the big dealio about computerized voting? Are people really that disturbed by it? We've had the computers here for a long time and I prefer them. Also, am I the only who doesn't know what the fuck to do about all the judicial voting? I don't know anything about them, so I always vote "No" in the lame attempt they will see some "No" votes and wonder why someone dissed them. Maybe they will ponder some bad choices they made because OMIGOD, there are some really crappy judges out there, folks.

Groan. Under no circumstances, NO CIRCUMSTANCES, is it social acceptable to use the word "Hopefully" when pondering the potential gender of pregnant woman's progeny. How about "Hopefully, you'll have a healthy baby!" I am more than slightly horrified at the number of people who already are rooting for a girl. It's RUDE, people. I always thought it was trite when pregnant gals would say "I just hope it's healthy!", then found out that yes, it is true. I'd equally love to have a boy as I would a girl. No shit. Also, I'll admit in my case it helps to have Only Niece, thus ensuring my Teenage Girl Detectives Empire (Dana Girls, Trixie Belden, Nancy Drew, Kay Tracey) will stay in the family.

Yikes. I've been using a PC this month (our old laptop with a malfunctioning space bar). With the Mac, I have to handcode all the HTML around here because Blogger doesn't support Safari very well. But I don't mind which is clear by the fact that I just realized TODAY that I could be "highlighting/pressing a button" to do simple things like bolding. I've been handcoding this whole time. I have to admit, I sorta like handcoding it.

Sigh. I have to admit something. NaBloPoMo is starting to bury me alive. It's not the posting, it's the READING. My Bloglines account is smoking hot ALL THE TIME and that's not even counting all the new folks I am adding from new comments here, visiting the NaBloPoMo page AND the Randomizer. I am behind on everything - my house projects goal, my reading, my emails, my tv viewing, my knitting. And Arun is tired of being tethered to coffeetable. He'd like his mama back. Okay, maybe an exaggeration, but damn. So, could you guys stop being interesting for a few days while I catch up on my Life? Tell me what you had for lunch. Thanks. Appreciate it.

I love this one because he was nonchalantly lounging by the step in his pajamas, then he started looking up at X. I also love how the morning light is streaming in. Arun LOVES this step, BTW. It has provided so much entertainment and there is still more to come when he learns how to take flying leaps off of it. I suspect Older Nephew, who has perfected the Art of the Flying Leap, will be MORE than willing to show him how.

I love this picture because of his eyes. Enough said.


Diana said...

Sara just asked, pointing to his 'eyes' picture, who Arun was. I explained that his name was Arun and he was my friend's son. She wanted to know if he would "be right out to play with me?" I had to explain that this wouldn't be happening as he lives a few hundred miles away.

So, she decided that she and Arun could just play "on the computer with me".

While our kids are playing, care for a cup of tea?

Leah said...

1.) What drama? I love a good Internet Drama, but I always end up just toodling around on my little corner of the internet with no idea that anything is going on.

2.) It's especially awesome when you have a girl first and people say, "Oh, it's okay - you can have a boy next time for your husband to be happy." (?!?!?)

3.) I wanted to use the touch screen, but I put my card in and it jammed and it still wasn't fixed by the time I had done the regular ballot and left. Now that's some quality machinery. And yes, I'm sure the other voters loved the overtired baby randomly shrieking. But I just voted no on the judges that the Chicago Bar Association recommended a no vote for, then left the rest blank so we could get the hell out of there. I'm sure your city or state bar association has a similar list on their website you can take into the booth with you.

Cagey (Kelli Oliver George) said...

I'd like a cup of jasmine pearls. Thanks!

Oh, bloggers are griping about the whole Kirstie Alley in a bikini thing - for and against. Yeah, I got the "oh, it's nice you had a boy first for your husband." I will have to check out the Bar Association thingie (I wonder what Monkey will have to say about that, actually).

Jenn said...

Cause he really does have the best eyes!!!

Yea I wasn't aware of any drama either. *shrug*

Rozanne said...

1. Voting for judges is a pain, but I try to scrounge some info on them and make a reasonably educated choice. It was really hellish in Chicago--there were several pages of judges to plow through. Ugh.

2. Britney and KFed are both horrible, irresponsible parents, if you ask me. I don't know that a split will really make much dif for the kids.

3. It boggles my mind that people would have the effrontery to open their traps about what gender of baby you should be hoping for. WTF? That is so freakin' rude!

meno said...

What? Are we fighting again? And i missed it! *Yawns*
Congratulations on the pregnancy. I can't abide comments that imply that a man can't be happy until he has a boy child. Yuck.

meno said...

Oh, i also want to nibble on your baby's cute little ears.

Monkey McWearingChaps said...

leah-I'm a Chicago Bar Assoc. member too! I voted absentee for Illinois. Haven't bothered to register in California yet.

I wrote about the Kirstie Alley though I generally try to stay away from Internets Drama. There are only a few subjects that rouse me to a fury and body image crap is generally one of them. I struggled with an eating disorder for years and it's pretty sad to see how we perpetuate the same cycle, by our very selves. It's probably one of the few subjects where I won't bite my lip and say "not worth it."

Celebrate Woo-Woo said...

That second pic with the great eyes is beautiful! I love the wide-eyed child pictures;>

When I was pregnant with my twins, I was starving at least a week before I even knew I was pregnant and never got morning sickness, so I gained 5 pounds before the end of 1st tri.

FFF said...

It sounds like you get to vote yes or no to retain judges that have been appointed. That's a really good way to do it. In Texas, we have regular partisan elections with Republican and Democrat judges. I don't think judges should have a party affiliation; they should be neutral, but there's all this stuff about how they have free speech rights to self identify a party etc.

Anyway, the last pic of Arun is adorable!