November 10, 2006

Who's the boss?

I have to admit, my days sorta blend together now and Fridays have lost all of their former punch on my psyche. But that's okay.

Arun is doing well, thank goodness and is back to his former cheeky self. I am still getting queasy around lunchtime, but that's okay. I have this weird thing where I'm almost relieved that I am getting sick because I started getting sick the exact same DAY as when I was pregnant with Arun and since THAT went so well, I want this to go the EXACT same way because of COURSE both pregnancies have to be the SAME just as BOTH babies have to be the SAME which means, I have everything all figured OUT and all the ANSWERS.


I think that is going to be the hardest with New Kid. With Arun, I was fully aware that I didn't know jackshit, but with New Kid, it's hard to resist the False Bravado that prior knowledge confers upon oneself. Like the co-sleeping. I've already got it planned that New Kid will sleep with me, which means I'll probably end up with a kid who WANTS to sleep in a crib. Which will suck, because Arun is already in there. New Kid might have to learn how to wait his turn. But, say you? Don't you have plenty of bedrooms? Well...... We do. Sorta. X's office is also the "cat box" room. My office is the spare bedroom. We NEED a spare bedroom and no way in hell am I moving the cat boxes around. The cats have been absolute ANGELS. I almost got teary-eyed yesterday when Arun was rubbing his head on Vanessa while she made those adorable Happy Cat noises....Brrrupp....Brrruppp.... I foresee a nice friendship there because Arun is already clued into the fact that if he is gentle, Vanessa doesn't run away. And Harry is SO patient when Arun tries to maul him - even when Harry is eating. And I have to constantly boot Pearson out of Arun's crib so Arun can go to sleep. Why mess with a good thing? Besides, Arun's room is almost as large as OUR room, so I am thinking New Kid and Arun can just share.

And pacificers - I'm not even going to try those this time because Arun didn't like 'em, so NewKid won't either, right? And I am going to carry New Kid everywhere like I did Arun because New Kid will love the Bjorn just as much as Arun, right? And I might as well put the bottles away forever because New Kid won't like those since Arun didn't either, right?

In short, New Kid better not even think about switchin' up the game on me because I've got plans.



Big Drip


Photobug said...

regarding "Big Drip" It looks like Arun has inherited your "drinking problem" aka "whole in lip". :)

Monkey McWearingChaps said...

Shweens and I shared a room as well. Till we were...8/6, I think.

Aww man, I am so excited for you. Arun seems like such a sweet kid, I get the feeling he's going to be a really great older brother. I'm so excited for HIM. My relationship with my sister has brought me so much happiness and peace. Since we're basically here without much extended family she's the only blood connection I have to my parents and a large chunk of my heritage. Plus, she has always been there for me. My best memories of childhood involve her. And, when you're older you get to be the boss! Just keep the scissors away from him. The younger one always gets stuck being guinea pig for home hairstylings and you've proved you produce babies with Pantene Hair.

Anonymous said...

Excuse me while I make clucking noises.

Right-o, much better.

You'll be fabulous with bebby number two, no matter what he/she turns out like.


Anonymous said...

The Randomizer sent me and OMG that is the cutest little kid you have there! The dimples! The enormous eyes! I may have diabetes now.
Congrats on # 2 on the way, as well!

Lisa said...

Hey, you got some linky love from Amalah... Yeay you!