November 20, 2006

How high do you Haiku?

The haiku is one of my favorite written artforms. I can't say I am necessarily that good at it, but I do enjoy it. So screw it, that's what really counts, right?

This post is dedicated to Diana, who writes some of the best.


Carefully I step
and gingerly I leap - Oops!
Broke my mother's back.

Swishing white trousers,
smooth moves on the dancing lights
it's Saturday Night.

Open the fridge door
to find a forgotten friend
with sharp, accusing eyes.

Favorite Book (as appeared in the online edition of USA Today)
Francie thirsts for truth
as the tree grows in Brooklyn
against all the odds.

At work we toil
losing our souls gradually
to this place called Block.

Glittering pink heart
dangles so tantalizing
from my cat's collar.

Wedding (written for my wedding invitations)
A chance encounter
sparks a special connection
to last a lifetime.

A sly low whistle
catches your attention as
your lover beckons.

March Madness 2003
Again, Hopes arrive
and yet again, they find me
crying in my beer.

Adoption (written for a friend who adopted from Russia)
A miracle waits
numerous oceans away
dreams are now fulfilled.

Grocery Store
Roaming the aisles
the Hunt for Healthy begins
goodbye, Keebler elf.


Anonymous said...

Tired of blogging
NaBloPoMo nearly done
Need to get a life.

Anonymous said...

oooh so funny, i loved the grocery store one! i SO hear ya!

Diana said...

Oh! See, these are good, unlike the wretched shite I vomit. I liked the potato one particularly. Waaaay too close to home. Or cupboard in home, where I find them liquifying.

Now THAT'S an awful smell.