November 7, 2006

Who can it be now?

Um, yeah. The Conception of Arun was such a different story. TCoA involved careful calculation of moon phases, detailed charting of mentrual cycles, careful peeing on ovulation sticks, a dance honoring kokopelli was performed and I think I remember seeing a shaman doing a rain dance whilst sprinkling pixie dust in the midst when we actually Did the Deed.

Um, yeah. Baby v2.0? This time, we had a tricky little Indian arriving from lands afar bearing a Bounty of Gold, a little demi-desi conked out on sugar in his crib after celebrating his 1st birthday with a big piece of basbousa and most importantly, a White girl who forgets to update her Costco shopping list with Appropriate and Very Necessary Precautionary Measures. Ahem.

Um, yeah. So, we weren't Trying, but we weren't exactly Not Trying. I can't even claim an unintentional foul in the name of Alcohol (although, I can point an accusatory finger in the direction of Faulty Arithmetic.) Regardless, we ARE very happy and excited - we always wanted 2 children, so our family will be complete. My due date is July 10 and of course, I am hoping fervently for a 7/7/07 birth because how COOL would that be?

Um, yeah. So I'm pregnant! Squee! Now I can start a pregnancy journal here, right? NO. You can rest assured that I will still be doing other things besides bakin' a baby. Like knitting. And course, you'll want to know the precise status of the current hat I'm working on.

Um, yeah. This time around is so different in many ways. Like, last time I worried about the cats and how they would take a new baby. Now, I worry about Arun. However, I still worry about someone peeing in the crib, so at least that didn't change.

Um, yeah. I am worried about being pregnant and running after a toddler who is picking up his pace quickly - his Dawdler days are numbered. At least this time around, the Not So Supervisor isn't at the helm of my daytime existence. Damned straight, the Regime of Arun is by far, a kinder, gentler one than that of the Not So Supervisor.

Um, yeah. I am worried about having a newborn AND having a toddler. Wait. I don't want to think about that one just yet, so I'm going to have to pull a Scarlett O'Hara on you.

Um, yeah. I debated whether I should wait til the 12 week mark before announcing it - I guess because I am afraid of alerting the Gods of Fortune who might realize they made a collassal mistake "Whoa. WRONG couple. Do over. Sorry 'bout that." Basically, if I learned nothing from my last pregnancy is that unfortunately, the holy 12 week mark doesn't mean much because you basically worry the WHOLE WAY THROUGH. And even then, the Worrying doesn't really let up much- you just worry about different shit. In the end, I realized that if we get Crummy News, I may want to write about it because like duh, I'll be down in the dumps and it is cathartic to write. Then, it occurred to me that if I was willing to share Crummy News, then I should be more than willing to share Really Awesome News, right?



Anonymous said...

I'm delurking to say "Congratulations!" and "You are exatly right" about the second time around. You can't let this pregnancy become everything you think about because you have your adorable son keeping you busy. I remember watching my older son the last month I was due thinking "Oh your life is going to change SO much"...and it did, for SO MUCH BETTER. He loves his brother and very sweet to him...just warms my heart and makes me so thankful for both boys.

Anonymous said...

Congrats! My little boy was born this past July (the 19th). I also felt like we did everything just short of bringing the tribal medicine man into it to conceive (you do what you have to do ;). I jokingly told my husband that if he played his cards right, we could have another baby with (close to)the same birthdate. Hopefully though, we'll have 18 months apart instead of just 12.
Congrats again!!!!

Diana said...

DAMN right!

Still thrilled. Big time.

Anonymous said...

Arun will be fine. He will love having a sibling so close, they will probably best best of friends. My two boys are 26 months apart, and sometimes they fight like gangsters in the street, but most of the time they love each other to death.
You learn how to get around with a big pregnant body and a toddler, the same way you learned everyting else from the day they are born - trial and error. One hint though- avoid the gerbil tubes at Burger King (or anywhere else)! Or at least make sure you take someone with you who can go to the top to retrieve him in an emergency so that you don't find yourself trying to wiggle up there to get him. :)

Anonymous said...

Yes, you must hold out for 07/07/07 because that's MY birthday!

Anonymous said...

Is the "Um yeah" starting each paragraph a deliberate literary device? If so, it's awesome. And congratulations. As a desi dating a whitie, I'm thrilled to hear of successful desi-whitie families.:)

Cagey (Kelli Oliver George) said...

md. macaca,
Um, yeah. Yes, it was deliberate. Not sure it qualifies as a "device" as much as an "illusion" in my attempt at being literary.

Successful Desi-Whitie marriage - like any marriage, compromise is required, although our compromises are sometimes different.

Monkey McWearingChaps said...

It's the same age diff between me and Shweens!! (well Shweens is 20 months younger)

My favourite co-worker is also pregnant (she's just beginning to show)! I think it's raining babies.

The most important question is what do people want as presents? She is my only friend here besides Mentos and I want to get her something she'll like. She's not finding out whether it's a boy or a girl and this is her second kid so I don't know if clothes are appropriate.

And then, we're bound by all these federal gift rules so I can only give $10 but I was thinking of asking Mentos to go in with me.

We'll probably end up giving the poor thing a Tar-jay gift card but if you have any good ideas let me know.

Anonymous said...

Having two will bring you such joy and happiness, it is so wonderful to watch the sibling relationship develop. Nobody can make my little girl giggle and grin like her big brother! You wonder now how you will make it all work, but it does, you will be amazed at how the second just fits so perfectly into your family. You will also be amazed that you could possibly love another as much as you love Arun, but you can and you will. Congratulations! Please post a little about your pregnancy, I love living vicariously through others now that my uterus is closed for business!

Anonymous said...

Oh cagey, what wonderful news!

I'm so very, very happy for you all.

DeAnn said...

Awesome news!! Yay pregnancy!!!

Scribbit said...

Congratulations a hundred times. However it happened it did the trick.

Jenn said...

I definatly agree about telling. You worry the entire time anyway....there is nothing magic about 12 weeks.

Rozanne said...

Great post!

I think Arun will be thrilled to have a baby brother or baby sister.

Here's hoping the morning sickness keeps at bay.

tiff said...

Our 2 are 19.5 months apart, and now at 9 and 11 can't remember a time when they weren't there for one another. Having a toddler and a newborn won't be as hard as you might think, I promise. I had vivisons of a most horrifying degree prior to Thing 2's birth, but it all worked out A-OK.


Anonymous said...

Our bambini will be nearly exactly the same apart. We figure 21 months-ish.

We heard the heartbeat yesterday!

I also am telling people earlier on our exciting news. With E, many people weren't told until the 12 weeks was up.

FFF said...

Bounty of Gold ... love it! You can tell your little one about how the bangles are just a little bit older than he/she is. :)

Cagey (Kelli Oliver George) said...

Thanks - I needed to hear that!

You heard the heartbeat? That's awesome!