November 8, 2006

Why do I curse myself like this?

Today is your lucky day, Innernets. Special Bonus NaBloPoMo Bulletin, heading your way.

Arun had a fever this morning of 102 - I believe it to be his first ever fever, either that or I am the stupidest mother alive who just happened to notice what "burning up" feels like on their 12 month old Dawdler's forehead for the VERY first time EVER. It's possible. Anyway, thank the Lord on High (or the Nefarious Phamaceutical Companies. Your pick) for ibuprofen because the fever went down very quickly. He is still crabby as hell, though. Poor kid.

Speaking of crabby, I am feeling queasy. Cool, eh?

Today is shaping out to be the longest day EVER and there is no relief coming, either since X is in Virginia. I can't believe it isn't even quite NOON yet. Although, the thought of lunch wasn't that appealing anyway because it was going to be leftover turkey chili.

Apparently, I will need to rethink that.


Anonymous said...

Yay for ibuprofen!!

Poor Arun.

And poor you.

Wow. This comment is completely essential, isn't it? ;)

There is blogger bashing going on? That's horrible! NaBloPoMo should be a time of joy! And insomnia! I'm with you though, I can't catch up with all my favourites.. no time!

Anonymous said...

I hope you both are feeling better soon!

Celebrate Woo-Woo said...

Thankfully, I have not seen blogger-bashing, and I really hope not to. I've been really happy at all the positive thoughts and the support exhibited through the NaBloPoMo participants so far.

Anonymous said...

Get well soon, both of you. *hugs*

Diana said...

Ibuprofen is a mom's best friend. The only good thing about all that is they usually take amazing naps. May you both nap to health.