November 24, 2006

Why do we Thank God it's Friday? Shouldn't we thank him for Sunday?

Wow. I am totally scratching my head for post fodder.
Hmmm, I watched two episodes of Ugly Betty and they were damned good.
Even Studio 60 was good this week.
Veronica Mars is kicking ass this season.
The Wire. Why aren't you watching? Why doesn't anyone believe me when I say this is one of the best shows on television?
Um, today, we went to the park AND the grocery store.
Oh, and my dad's.
As in, I left the house and hung out amongst other humans. It was quite refreshing.
Arun got a haircut, thank god, because the Mushroom Cloud of Hair was going nuclear.
I ate a pizza AND a Red Hot Patio burrito today. And I drank TWO sodas. Why oh why do my babies always crave fast food? I'm trying not to stress over the damage being done to my arteries, but it is difficult.

Damn, ya'll. I don't have much to say because right now, my entire existence revolves around the delicate nature my stomach. And I use the term "delicate" very loosely since it ironically demands spicy salsa and Night of the Living Dead barbecue sauce from Oklahoma Joe's. Fortunately, my sister confirmed this evening that yes, it was just as bad with Arun which oddly, made me feel better. For some reason, I was starting to think that this is SO much worse than it was with Arun and it is comforting to know that yes, it IS in my head. Knowing that it is in my head and that maybe I can adjust my attitude is nice.

Okay, I give up. Here are pictures. Which demonstrate to full effect the serious nature of the Mushroom Cloud of Hair.

One Little Indian


Anonymous said...

Ohhh, Arun in all those autumn leaves.. I am so jealous. It's too hot to go outside today. =X

Anonymous said...

So sweet, I really love these pictures of Arun in his high falootin' duds.
Very nice!

So far this evening I told my husband I wanted to eat:

-donuts (and would adding sugar and cinnamon to cresent rolls work doyathink?)

-fried chicken

-thick, juicy, messy cheeseburger, with fries of course!

-ice cream float

-left over turkey, which we don't have because we already ate what was sent home with us!

So, yeah I feel ya. I'm right there with you. Saddest part is I didn't get any of the above. It's too cold to drive anywhere!!!

Diana said...

I'm thinking the spicy cravings are from X's contribution to the DNA experiment version 2.0. Funny how the little beggars can affect us when they are smaller than the size of a Tootsie Roll.

Anonymous said...

I love that shirt!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Really love the outfit....he's quite a handsome boy!

Anonymous said...

What a gorgeous little boy! Are those cheecks kissable? I think they are.