November 3, 2006

Why do we tell kids that violence is not the answer but then in history class have them learn about wars that solved America's problems?

In the span of two days, I've managed to spill not one, not two, but three, yes !THREE! cups of coffee. Granted, one of those cups was actually spilled by Arun, but when one is stupid enough to leave a vessel of liquid within easy grasp of a Toddler, it's fair to say it's your own damned fault when said Toddler spills the cup. Is there a rule on run-on sentences with this NaBloPoMo thing? If so, that first one probably just disqualified me on the spot. Bah.

I've been WAY too positive around here lately and well, we just can't have that..............

Rancid Rant #1: I'm tired of hearing women complain about motherhood and how "hard" it is - one blogger even said it was "dehumanizing". WTF? Jesus H. Christ, when you're a parent, you're raising a HUMAN BEING. Did you think it would be EASY? I would have rather commented on the blogs themselves instead of bitching here because it reeks of Passive Aggressive, but in this day and age if you make a comment on anyone's blog that even has a whiff of "non-compliance" you are labeled a troll and banished. Also, I'm NOT talking about the "Johnny spilled his milk today and I am so irritated" variety of complaint - I'm talking the sort of soul-wrenching, identity-crisis negativity that I am left wondering how their children are going to feel if they ever find it ("Gee, Mama - sorry I stole a piece of your soul "). Why can't women just be proud of being mothers and be done with it? Instead of blaming society, how about soldiering on? Yes, it is hard giving up so much to raise a child - I miss doing raku, I miss taking community college classes, I miss reading as much, I miss Girlfriend Time, I worry that I am not contributing to society enough right now. However, however, however, this is all temporary - Arun will be out the door before I know it, I'd rather give him a good base to face Life with than focus solely on myself right now. I'm the adult, right? I am hoping the investment NOW will reap benefits later in that he is a strong, capable adult who won't need me bailing him out of messes. Then, then, THEN, I can concentrate on whatever next phase of my Life brings me (Hint: I am hoping for some more eduation, perhaps a new degree), Furthermore, I write this blog with the thought that Arun may read it. So yeah, often I am writing some Breezy Bullshit about how grand life is, but I prefer the Forest, folks. Sure, one Tree might be ugly, another might be beautiful, but the Forest is Gorgeous and certainly, Life is better when you sit in awe of the Forest. ........... So there, I said it. And I feel better.

Rancid Rant #2: Here in Kansas we have a thing folks call "traffic circles", I know them as "roundabouts" and have seen them also called "rotaries" as well. Whatever - you know what I am talking about, right? ANYWAY. People need a little lesson on these things. They are a wonderful, delightful piece of Traffic Invention if used PROPERLY. The rules are quite simple - whoever the fuck is IN THE CIRCLE has the right-of-way. Not in the traffic circle already? Then it's NOT YOUR TURN, fool. Already IN the traffic circle? KEEP GOING. Every idiot who stops as they creep towards the traffic circle or worse, stops while WITHIN the traffic circle, completely DEFEATS the very PURPOSE of the traffic circle and we might as well have a 4 way stop again.

Rancid Rant #3: This is not a profound rant, but I am so weary of network television canning programs before they are barely OUT OF THE CAN. There are already whispers of 30 Rock going under. WTF? I fervently hope these are vicious lies, but I shouldn't be surprised. It's one of my favorite new sitcoms, one that makes me giggle like a schoolgirl, so OF COURSE, no one else is watching. Refer to catchphrase of this blog for a refresher on my status of a trendsetter (Hint: NEVER).

UPDATED TO ADD: Hey, maybe I worried about 30 Rock prematurely - apparently, there's still hope!

As a peace offering for the Spate of Negativity that I just spewed all over your computer screen, I offer up some Simian Snaps as a Virtual Kleenex. Sorry about the mess.

These days, Arun would like to WALK, thank you very much. None of that Carrying - that's OLD SCHOOL. Nobody gets CARRIED anymore. GAWD.

But Damn! He's slow as molasses, ya'll. And Toddler? More like Dawdler.


Leah said...

Amen, sister.

Monkey McWearingChaps said...

OMG, the rotary rant!! You took that one straight out of my mouth! Do you know how many times I've screamed that one? Boston is in love with rotaries...the most notorious one being the huge one between Fresh Pond and Cambridge...I get so frocking sick and tired of the non-New Englanders who can't navigate them. It's not even a "see how they can't do it, irritation"-everytime I see an out-of-state plate trying to inch its way in while tons of cars are whizzing by I know I'm going to witness a potentially deadly accident. My dad saw at least 20 on that rotary alone.

The person in the rotary has the right of way, shitheads!

meno said...

A random NaBloPoMo passer-by. But i totally get the roundabout rant. One was installed near here about 5 years ago and you'd think an alien spaceship had landed from the reaction. Oh god, oh god, a car! But...what should i do? They might not be able to read the yield sign! I'd better slow waaaaay down while i'm in the circle, in case they want to come in when it's not their turn.

That's one cute baby too.

Anonymous said...

The roundabout on Lamar by the convention center is a scary accident waiting to happen. And if it is a 2 lane one, you do not have the right to change lanes in mid way through especially if I am in the other lane.

Those pictures are a great pick me up on a day where I am not feeling so good! Thanks for sharing!

Jenn said...

I try not to read mommy blogs that are all about complaining about being a mommy. I like ones about celebrating it! Of course if you read the last couple of posts on my site about the doctor....I may sound like a complainer these days....*sigh* Gotta stop that.

Cagey (Kelli Oliver George) said...

Amen right back at ya!

I could understand the confusion in the beginning, but we've had them for over a year now. This is also an issue in Lawrence, but at least there I will give some credit. The city built the circles in existing neighborhoods that really didn't have the SPACE, so the circles are way too small.

It's the hesitation that probably bothers me the most, also. It's causing the most issues.

Ugh, I haven't seen THAT one yet. And yes, the fools that try to change lanes mid-circle are the most dangerous. Fools.

My rant was really more towards those complaining about Motherhood in general, not their children. I've complained about Arun around here, I'm sure. I'm not that much of a hypocrite, I hope. Anyway, it's obvious from your posts that you enjoy being a mother, which is why I read your blog. :-)

Anonymous said...

Oh lordy, we have a wee traffic circle about two blocks down from our house, in a residential neighborhood.

Thank heavens it doesn't get more traffic or my head would've exploded by now as I holler instructions at the other drivers (windows rolled up, but I'm sure they see the contorted face and wide open mouth).

My favorite little no-no, though, is the LEFT HAND turners. Pausing while you gasp at the thought. There's a little museum there -- actually a block sized collection of museums and park. So, people coming down from a main route are clearly unable to see the sign that shows them they must go to the right and 3/4 of the way around the circle. Or they see it and decide it's not meant for them and they turn left. At least that way they definitely see my hollering face.

Rozanne said...

Of course, I'm drooling over those leaves! Beauteous!

Anonymous said...

That child is so freakishly adoreable. And I love the toddler dawdle, too. Nothing beats a one hour walk around the block. And that's just one round.

I agree with you completely on your take on taking a break or whatever you want to call it while being a mom. There will be time, plenty of it, to get the things you want to accomplish accomplished. Accomplish. That's a funny word when you see it like that. Accomplish.

Anyhoo (sorry), a friend of mine is just the opposite, she refuses to slow down at all since becoming a mom and I honestly feel sorry for her son -he has no routine, no regularity and he's constantly clamouring for attention. To me, as I watch, it all just looks like he can see that he's not the priority in his little family and it makes me sad. I'm sure he'll grow up to be a great kid, his mom IS a good friend of mine afterall, so of course there are many reasons to love her, but. But. Who knows. I just know that when she jokes about him dating Theya, I cringe and change the subject.

Anonymous said...

I might get slapped for saying this, but I get a little peeved with the mommies who tell me I won't understand real life until I have a child. :( I have a real life, right?

We don't have those roundabout thingies in Chicago, but we do have four corner stops with trees in the middle, so you go around a little tiny circle. People don't understand those though.

Cagey (Kelli Oliver George) said...

Yes, of course, you have a real life! We need to think of a good retort for you because that's a rude and ridiculous thing for someone to tell you. Good grief.

I wish I could say I was granted some sort of super power when I gave birth, but alas, it was not to be. The one thing that having a baby did do, was give me a different perspective, but it certainly isn't an "all-knowing" one.

Anonymous said...

The roundabouts are the death of the road system. People don't know how the hell to use them. GET OFF THE ROAD, PEOPLE.

Anonymous said...

Whew! Yes, I've been trying to think of a good retort for this one for some time. Let me know if you come up with anything that might sting, but not hurt.

I do firmly believe the mommies when they tell me, "I never knew true love until I met my daughter/son." I do believe that kind of love must be amazing. So I can't say anything when people say that...just daydream.

Anonymous said...

Blondie - I can't believe I'm using Cagey's comment section to tell you this, but - I think if you just said, "Wow, and this whole time I was laboring under the delusion that I already had a real life" would get through loud and clear.

(worrying I have actually said this)

Anonymous said...

Um, cagey? I know I've been somewhat preoccupied with raising my own kid and all, but when did Arun start carrying on with this walking business?! I'm concerned because if he's doing it, the next thing you know, Daniel is going to be doing it and oh my god. ::eek::

(also, way to go, Arun!!)