October 5, 2005

Why is that squirrel sleeping?

Squirrel Business: The squirrel carcass is still dangling from the rooftop. It is becoming less and less funny and instead, more and more gross. Bleh. My sister and the Nephews were over this morning and Older Nephew calmly observed “That squirrel up there is stuck in a spider web!”. Um, yes, YES HE IS. What else could we say? "Aunt Cagey is the sworn enemy of rodents with fluffy tails and has a disgusting sense of humor much like your Redneck Tightwad Grandpa?? " Of course not - although, I will admit a call into Critter Control is warranted - the thing needs to be carted away. YUCK.

Cribbage: Well, my marriage has survived yet another milestone! We successfully assembled a crib and we are STILL MARRIED. Nary a curse word was thrown, although there were some extremely tense moments. I was shocked at how stressful the whole venture was. I wasn’t that worried about even having a crib, as evidenced by my sheer laziness in getting around to purchasing one, but did push to assemble it ASAP because we only had 7 days from the date of receipt to report damages. I was shocked at the extremely crappy instructions - I am not normally shocked at furniture instructions this bad, but this is a CRIB, a place where all New Mommies are warned of the 100+ ways their precious progeny can DIE or become INJURED in one. I expected more, at a minimum, from a liability standpoint from the furniture manufacturer. Anyway, we got it together and I managed to keep my paranoia at a minimum.

Baby Pool: The countdown begins - if you would like to gander a guess at the little Freeloader's weight, see details on the sidebar to the left......

Adventures in BabyBuilding: I had my 38 week appointment with the doctor this morning. My total weight gain thus far is 22 lbs. Rock on. I may have to splurge and finally let myself have a Krispy Kreme since I am well on my way to keeping the gain under 25 lbs, my original goal. I don’t really like doughnuts all that much, but I could marry a Krispy Kreme (X, move over!). Anywho - during the appointment, my doctor became concerned that my amniotic fluid was low, so I had an ultrasound this afternoon. Everything looks fine, so it was a minor false alarm. However, I may be in some other sort of trouble. I’ll be damned if during the ultrasound the little Freeloader didn’t take his teensy hands and play with his feet! TOO ADORABLE FOR WORDS. My heart melted right then and there. Seriously - we had to scoop it up in a cup, so I can put it back in the freezer to get it solid again.

Little shit - I was determined to be the disciplinarian, but if he is going to pull cute tricks like that on me, he may get away with more than I had originally planned. DAMN.

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