October 15, 2005

How about some Southern Comfort instead?

40 weeks!!!

We have moved on to what my doctor terms "comfort measures" --- drinking water, Tylenol PM, and warm bath. Contractions are freaking painful, but only 10 minutes apart. At least I am HOME in my own bed. Normal Olathe Grandma keeps calling and insisting I go to the hospital. THIS, coming from a woman who gave birth to her children in her own mother's home. I don't WANT to go to the hospital - I'd much rather be HERE. At home. In my own bed.

X is the best husband EVER. He is an awesome labor coach, as a bonus. Very grateful I snagged him.....

Still, this is as bad as expected, but certainly not worse. Having dry sockets after my wisdom teeth were taken out still ranks as #1 in the Worst Pain Ever.

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