October 10, 2005

Am I Anxious?

Tick..Tock.......Tick..Tock...... 39 weeks, 2 days

The time has flown! Am I anxious? No. Am I ready? Yes, certainly, but I am definitely not anxious. I am still having fun and getting a TON o’ things done around the house - I finished the nursery, (BAD Mommy!), helped X sort out over $13,000 and 4 months worth of business receipts so he can get REIMBURSED FOR THEM FINALLY (BAD Daddy!) installed our replacement ice maker (all by MYSELF. Hearing the clunk of ice cubes going into the tray was a balm to my soul, I was so nervous installing the damned thing ), I knit 6 more rows on the Freeloader’s baby blanket (estimated completion date? Kindergarten), started felting a recently finished knitting project, watched 7 more episodes of Veronica Mars Season 1, finally imported Pink Floyd’s UmmaGumma Studio Album into the iPod and finished a book (Jhumpa Lahiri’s “The Namesake” - a LOVELY, wonderful book that I simply did not want to end) and nearly finished Dr. Ferber's book on sleeping habits for children (The man is a genious and NO, he does not advocate just cruelly letting your kid scream in his room until he pukes. Anyone that makes that claim has clearly not read his book.). Oh, and I also saw 2 movies over the weekend and am hoping to catch another one today.

Rancid Review: I mentioned that I had seen 2 movies this weekend - X and I saw “The 40 Year Old Virgin” - since that movie has been out for so long, it will be enough to say that the movie was great and met all comedic expectations, although I was a little shocked at the vulgarity of the language used. I have a potty mouth myself and I will still shocked at some of things said in the course of the movie. The other movie I saw was “Wallace and Gromit: The Curse of the Were-Rabbit”. I arrived very early for the first showing available on Friday armed with sugar and nitrates. I was not disappointed! This movie was GREAT - truly a stellar piece of stop-motion animation at its very best (Note: If you see this movie, keep an eye out for the FINGERPRINTS on the models, which lend an air of authenticity and grit to the hard work involved in these productions - you don't get THAT in a Disney movie!). I am hoping to catch it once more before the Freeloader makes his arrival, but there are several other movies I’d like to catch first, so the prospects are grim. Thank goodness for the RidiculousTV as this is a DVD I will definitely be buying. For the Freeloader, of course.

Out Damned Squirrel! All the squirrels are gone - there were 5 total. While I am still a little sick over #4's long, traumatic death, I am also pretty faint at the price tag. The math on the whole thing quickly adds to well over $600, without considering the HVAC and electrical work to be done. I just hope the saga is over and done. That's all I can say.

Nesting Schmesting: When I spoke to my aunt yesterday and she heard of all my accomplishments this weekend, she declared emphatically that “I was nesting”. WHATEVER. I know people must attach a cutesy, stupid name for whatever reason, but I call this good old-fashioned common sense. Why wouldn’t I bustle around getting things done? Besides, I had sat on that replacement ice maker for TEN MONTHS - it was getting to be a “Do or Die” situation. Hell, I may just drag out that damned sweater as well. I can see why I wasn’t enthusiastic about seaming the pieces together during the SUMMER, but now that chilly weather is upon us AND I will be able to wear normal clothes in a few months, there is incentive to finally seam the pieces of a sweater that I knit back in February. The Freeloader has little to do with THAT.

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