October 19, 2005

Who says sideburns are out of style these days?

My baby needs a haircut. And he’s 3 days old. Basically, this kid puts new meaning to the saying “Gee, look at the rug on that guy!” Even the nurses couldn’t get over his hair. I am going to have to learn how to cut hair or we will be spending this kid’s college fund on barbers.

Anyway - before I go to bed to collapse, here are some highlights. As usual, in my commitment to an Ick Free blog, I will keep the gross stuff to a minimum......

I Scream, You Scream: Labor is fucking painful. Especially when you dilate so quickly to an 8 before anyone realizes it, you almost miss that “window of opportunity” for an epidural. THANK GOD FOR DRUGS. Oh, and all that “quiet birth” shit that the Scientologists believe in? One more reason to mark Tom Cruise off as CRAZY.

Birth WITH AN EPIDURAL is Fucking Awesome: The birth itself was actually very, very cool. Because I was high on drugs and adrenline, of course.

Watch Your Mouth: I didn't curse AT ALL. I was amazed - I usually have such a pot mouth and I don't think I dropped a single f-bomb!

Dolly Parton Ain't Got Nothin' on these Cannons: Breastfeeding is equally frustrating and amazing ALL AT ONCE. However, every feeding is getting easier, my milk is already coming in and the kid is a hungry little monkey -- so I think it will work out.

Cagey Can Cave: My mom AND sister were both in the delivery room. Which actually made it more fun, oddly enough.

Go Ahead, Quit Your Daytime Job: Not to brag......but X was so incredible. There was a period of time where we feared I wasn't getting that epidural - I just can't imagine what it would been like without him there supporting me. I am so glad we didn't waste money on a doula, when he was all I needed the whole time. Maybe he should reconsider that software gig he has going on right now.... Is it creepy that I sorta feel like I fell in love with him all over again?

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