October 13, 2005

Does it get better?

39 weeks, 5 days

I still feel like SHIT. However, I AM still amazed at how this just “works out”. Seriously, until Sunday, life was a peach! I was active, having fun, and that entire day I was SO productive. Now? I can’t even sit upright for too long because it is so painful -- laying on my side is best at this point. I have a “reading station” set up near my bed so I can prop books up easily and am extremely grateful I forked over the money for the Sharper Image body pillow early on in this pregnancy. The purchase has paid for itself several times over since the one thing I can NOT complain about is a lack of sleep. I am a “side sleeper” anyway, but this pillow made all the difference.

So yesterday, I had a doctor’s appointment and learned the good news is that I am holding steady with my 22 lbs weight gain (Krispy Kreme here I come!!!!!). The bad news is that the Freeloader has made no progress whatsoever. If he isn’t here by the 19th, we will be making plans for my inducement on the 21st.

Anyway, I finished the day off with a lovely lunch thrown by X’s company and then I went home and BACK TO BED. I slept the rest of the day, got up for dinner, watched some TV, then went BACK TO BED.

The scariest part? At this rate, I am sleeping as much as our cats.

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