October 26, 2005

Care for a quickie?

Very quickly - the kid is temporarily distracted by the Ocean Wonders Aquarium in his crib. We are starting naps this week in the crib so he can get used to the digs that he will be shuttled to in a few months.

I have SO many things to post about, but as you can imagine NO TIME. We survived our first doctor’s visit which was followed by a frantic visit to the hospital (early Friday evening) for a bilirubin test since the little guy was still a bit jaundiced. Through a miscommunication with the lab and the doctor, we didn’t receive the results right away, so I was a weepy mess the whole weekend. Every new mom says it, but seriously - you REALLY don’t know how much you will love your new little person until you hold him/her in your arms. X is pretty laid back, but even he was on edge. The plus side is that I got a crash course in nursing in public while waiting for test - after that, I definitely felt more comfortable with the whole nursing thing.

Jaundice aside, everything is going swimmingly. Since Arun is such a deep sleeper, I still have to set an alarm for the early morning feedings or else we will BOTH sleep right through them. Please, OH PLEASE let this be a trend - once he hits 2 weeks, I will be letting him sleep as long as he wants. Nursing is getting better with each day - he is a GREAT eater and the pain is now akin to sharp pinching as opposed to a gaping gunshot wound in my chest.

I am wondering whether I can buy a hip holster for my camera. I am constantly up and down the stairs after the thing. Arun doesn’t even think twice about the flashing lights in his face now and I fear he will probably grow up thinking “paparazzi” and “mama” are synonyms.

Finally, all hail the Fisher Price Take Along Swing , the patron saint of Peaceful Babies and Productive Mamas everywhere.

OH SHIT. Must go NOW - I haven't figured out the repeat option on the Aquarium yet. MUST READ THE INSTRUCTION MANUAL SOON.

Coming soon to a Blog near you!!!
Next Week: Cagey tackles Assvice (Definition: Unsolicited Child Rearing Advice).

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