October 27, 2005

What do I miss most from my former life?

Hands down - I miss being online.

So far, my TV viewing has not been interrupted too much - I quickly realized I won’t have time for the stupid shows I used to watch, so I pared down the recording list on the DVR. The first to go - Desperate Housewives. I’d much rather watch my baby’s eyelashes grow than sit and watch a show that had so much potential its 1st season enter such a sophmoric decline as it has this 2nd season. Also, I still am able to read, albeit not nearly as much before the Monkey arrived - as long as I can read a little bit, that is enough to keep me going. I had a friend confess that she read ONE SINGLE book during the first year of her daughter’s life. I would go INSANE if I didn’t read.

Anyway.......so, yes - I miss email, news, and blogs. I have tried to keep up on the news via TV, but it isn’t the same. I hate TV news - I feel as if I am being force fed the stupid shit that someone else has decided FOR ME is so very important. I much prefer to read news feeds via Yahoo! and Google, thank you very much. I am such a news junkie, that for the 1st week of Arun’s life, I would quiz X on the daily news - what was going on? What are the headlines? Unfortunately, X could give a crap less about celebrities, so while he apprised me of the major news, I totally missed the fact that Britney was already whoring out her new child for photos.

I miss email! That is my link to so many of my friends and I feel a bit out of touch and lost. This is compounded by the fact that I have so many things to say to my friends and it is frustrating to not be able to pound out emails like I used to.

And finally - I miss blogs! I am glad that I have been able to keep up on posting a bit on my own blog, but I miss reading my blogroll. It’s amazing how so very connected you can feel to people that you have never met. Last night, I finally was able to get some time to start the long process of catching up and it felt good.

We are getting a sort of schedule down, but of course, time will tell whether we can keep it. Overall, things are going so great that I hesitate to even TYPE THAT for fear I will jinx myself! I still have to wake the little monkey up for night feedings - I am getting him weighed today and if he has hit his birth weight, I will start letting him sleep as long as he wants during the night. I will say that sleep deprivation hasn't seemed to hit too hard because as long as I can get 2.5-3 hours at a stretch, that seems to be enough to get me through a complete sleep cycle. I will admit that I am a little paranoid because breastfeeding aside, this has been much easier than I had anticipated. I was more scared of the first 6 weeks than I was of actual labor. So far, when Arun cries, it usually easily remedied by feeding, swinging, pacifier, swaddling, or holding him close while swaying back and forth. I WISH he would also cry for diaper changes - it would help me monitor that situation better if he would help out a bit. Finally, breastfeeding is going MUCH better - the little guy is a greedy gut and latches right on these days.

I do wonder if the fact that my past few jobs were SO STRESSFUL, that having such a cute bundle to take care of pales in comparison?? Even when he does scream bloody murder or poops more than such a tiny body should be allowed to, it is so worth the little grimaces and smiles that he offers up as a reward.

Rancid Rant: SO, this week, X had to travel back to Virginia. As usual, a few people had comments that were critical of that which as usual, pissed me off. People don’t realize that X and I make these decisions TOGETHER. This is not just X's job, it is his company in which he is a partner with 2 other people - other families besides our own little threesome rely on this company. If I had asked X to stay home this week, he would have. As it was, I knew it was important that he be there this week. Besides, my mom has been clamoring to come over. When I first told my mom that X was traveling this week, before she could stop herself she blurted out “Oh good!”. She quickly apologized and we had a good laugh over it. Am I happy that X travels so much? Nope - but neither is HE. He was pretty upset that he had to leave on Sunday - he has so many stresses on him now and I see it as my job to help support him. Isn't marriage supposed to be a partnership?? So yes, I get a little defensive when people act like my husband just abandoned me. sigh

Anyway, I realize this blog has turned into the Monkey News Network 24/7. Right now, there isn’t much else to post about. I am completely and utterly obsessed with his nursing cycles now, so just be glad I am not endlessly posting about THAT.

At least I didn't offer up an update on the Status of My Nipples. Do I get credit for that?

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