October 5, 2005

Where the hell are they coming from?

Okay, at first it was kinda nice to have something to blog about besides the Freeloader. But this is ridiculous. The Critter Guy came to collect Carcass #3. Soon after he left, I heard some high-pitched Squirrel Squealing going on and I peeked outside. Not-Yet-A-Carcass#4 was wriggling around in the trap and ANOTHER little buddy (aka #5) was hanging out nearby egging him on. So, #4 has nearly wriggled free and it is quite distressing - where is he going to go? In the attic? To die? Chew more holes? Burn our house down? And what about #5? HOW MANY MORE ARE THERE? I had hoped there would only be four - this is costing us 60 bucks a pop. Our total tally thus far for only FOUR squirrels is $400 - this is BEFORE #5 and BEFORE any of the roof/eaves repairs, electrical repairs, and HVAC repairs.

Also, the carcasses (carci? what's the plural?) don't end at rodents. I also have a dead BIRD on my front porch that must be disposed of. YUCK. I am surrounded by death!

And it’s only 6:34pm. To make things uber-lovely, as I get to the kitchen sink and turn the water on, the handle flies off. Now, I see a plumber in my future. It's dandy to be clairvoyant, eh?

It’s gonna be a long, long night.

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