August 31, 2006

Aren’t pictures worth a 1000 words?

This has been a lovely week, but not much in the way of providing blog fodder. I am going to slap out some snappage, instead. Pay particular note to the Curry Plant - that baby is something I have been lusting after for over a year now. You see, come January, curry leaves are hard to come by. We have a teeny plant, but it only has about THREE meals worth of leaves on it, so I am hesitant to pluck too much foliage off of it. But NOW? I can hold my own Indian buffet with this beauty.

Anyway, enjoy the Slapdashed Snappage......

Actually, I CAN Quit You, Gerber.

After throwing away container after container after container of things like peaches and bananas, then being subjected to Arun climbing all over me Hankering for Hunks of ACTUAL peach and banana every time I happened to cut one up, I decided to give up on Gerber and their nefarious corporate tactics. I unloaded all of the rest of Gerber's crap from the cupboard and foisted it upon my sister. However, I will admit this dirty little secret -I kept the sweet potato puff thingies. Holy shit, those things are D-LISH, but so damned expensive that I refer to them as Baby Caviar.

Muffin Top THIS, Yo.

Here is Alliclaus (Bethiclaus’s daughter ) showin’ off her Baby Muffin Top glory. Also, notice the vintage cow toy in the background. We had playgroup at S’s house this Tuesday and seriously, S has the motherload of vintage toys! All the classics from when WE were kids. Next playgroup, I will take pictures so we can ALL ride our Big Wheels down the Lane of 1970s Memories.

ERA is SO 1970s.

This book is meant for BOYS - if you're packin' only Xs, move along, Little Lassie. MOVE ALONG. And they meant BUSINESS with the age guidelines - I think there was some fine print about asking for ID. Anyway, to answer the question, judging from his eyes, it's probably "dope" (as my grandmother still calls it to this day). Furthermore, Methinks perhaps the author was in possession of some, too.

Some Pockets are Best Left Alone.

You know how everyone seemed to have That Uncle? You KNOW, That Uncle who would say things that seemed just a smidgeon short of Inappropriate, but you could never quite put your finger on it enough to tell your mom? This reminded me of my own That Uncle.

A Lesson in International Diplomacy.

Children, this is a curry plant. It hails from the Land of India. Indians reside on the sub-continent of Asia. But you can still call them Arabs. They don't mind! Now Children, curry plants do not yield actual CURRY powder. It's a trick being played trickish-like on you by those Tricky Little Indians so they can twitter behind your backs as you ask such FOOLISH questions. Children, the lesson here is, beware the Man who nods "Yes" when he actually means "No".*

The Beginnings of the Great Peace Accord of 2006.

X told me this was going on in our bedroom. OUR BEDROOM. The nerve! Cats and babies sleeping in harmony!?! Don't they know the RULES?!? I snuck upstairs to take a picture and DUDE, I woke them both up. I quickly slithered back downstairs before X even realized what I had done, because DUDE, I woke the baby up and that shit just don’t fly around our house. X came downstairs quizzically all "Wow, that was a short nap?" and I was all like "Don't know nuthin' about nuthin'".


Anonymous said...

I wish I had known you when my kids were little, it sounds like you have awesome play group pals.

I LOVE the last picture - that is priceless.

Cagey (Kelli Oliver George) said...

Yes, the playgroup is becoming pretty awesome! I am very excited and have been just throwing people together haphazardly. It's a great mix of gals that I met through a breastfeeding support group and THIS blog. We try really hard to keep things fun and light. Mothering is hard enough, the last thing we need is Judgement and Competition. Bleh.

Regarding the last picture, it's a sordid tale of unrequited love. Vanessa LOVES attention and Arun LOVES giving it, but unfortunately, it's the rough sort. However, when he figures out how to be gentle, I think they will be BFFs.

Anonymous said...

I think that's the best look at Vanessa that I've ever gotten.

Monkey McWearingChaps said...

"Indians reside on the sub-continent of Asia but you can still call them Arabs"

Classic Cagey! And I am a diet Coke fountain.

I promise if you ever come out to California, I'll go hunt up a backup kadipatta for you.

Lisa said...

I LOVE curry! Yummmm. And the pocket book (Or your comments actually really made me laugh!)

And you rlittle man... I am in love!

Anonymous said...

Oooh, I love pictures of babies with cats! All the work we've done (and are still doing) to teach N to be gentle with our cat are finally playing off. It's cute to see him apply "gentle touch" to friends' dogs, too!

Cagey (Kelli Oliver George) said...

See? I wasn't lying - we DO have three cats!

Hey - isn't "classic" just another word for "old"?

That would break my heart to have to leave such a plant. I feel for you, because some recipes really need a few curry leaves. They really create that special "something" to certain dishes, don't they?

The pocket book made us ALL laugh. There was just something so WRONG about it.

You mean, Arun may actually learn how to be gentle someday? It's sad because Vanessa loves attention and Arun loves giving it - if they could just work out their differences, they could totally be BFFs. Nice to know that there is Hope.

Anonymous said...

I'd like some chicken tikka masala, please. Will the curry plant be used in making that?

I love that last picture. Priceless.

Monkey McWearingChaps said...

"Classic Cagey" = ridiculously funny.

I like the kadippata diatribe as well. Ahh, remind me to pen a post on the politics of kadippata. Even better than the politics of dancing.

FFF said...

We have rules about letting sleeping babies lie at our house too! Love the snappage.