August 20, 2006

Monkey see, Monkey do?

Today's "constructive, positive" post is brought to you by the word "Macaca" and is dedicated to the Memory of the Campaign that used to belong to George Allen's cracker'd, lily-white* ass (and PUH-leez - he KNEW what he was doing). Besides, it's important to "motivite and inspire people for something". Whatever that "something" may be, is apparently left to Individual Interpretation .

SCENE: Target, dairy aisle
Crusty old woman, reaching out to hairy baby boy: Oh! Look at that baby with BIG hair!
Cagey, slapping at blue-veined hands: Git yer hands off my macaca!

SCENE: Cagey, reading to her son.
Cagey: This is George. He lived in Africa. He was a good little Macaca and always very curious.

SCENE: Aixois, 55th and Brookside. Outside, Brown Man holding a baby that suspiciously looks like a Monkey waves to White Woman sitting inside. Monkey Baby shrieks and laughs at White Woman.
Cagey, paying the bill while gesturing to fellow patrons: Don't worry, those are just my macacas!

SCENE: X and Cagey, lounging around in bed.
Cagey, purring seductively: Mmmmm, Mera Macaca.

*Not that there is anything necessarily WRONG with a lily-white ass. I mean, MINE was pretty frickin'' white the last time I looked. But, at least it's not Cracker'd.

Behold, the Power that is the Monkey

DUDE, don't MESS with the Monkey.


Anonymous said...

I want your macaca and your grass.

Min-tea said...

That's one fine macaca you have there.

Jenn said...

How do you get him to keep those sunglasses on? THAT I don't get.