August 15, 2006

How do the wheels go?

I have seen the Future and sadly, it's in the form of an anthropomordic train.

I am sitting here at a Starbucks (HEY, don't judge. It's not my Choice. This place is right down the street and I hate wasting Precious Babysitting Time DRIVING to someplace that serves RealCoffee) and there's this 3 year old boy who must be able to smell the fact that I am the Mother of a Boy because he keeps coming around and pulling out all of his creepy-assed Thomas the Train crap.

I had forgotten about Thomas and his equally disturbing Wheeled Sidekicks.

Sometimes, I feel incredibly underequipped to have a Boy. I am hoping to have a boy who will be obsessed with science and dinosaurs and bugs and pleaseohpleaseohplease Harry Potter. I mean, I can handle Hot Wheels, but that is about the extent I am interested in Transportation if my own LeadFoot isn't in charge of it. But Arun? Is already showing a fascination with wheels - even the ones on his stroller and high chair.

I am terribly frightened.


Diana said...

Thomas is intensely creepy. Sadly, we have 2 Thomas DVDs, neither of which were bought by me. Happily, neither kid has a desire to watch them. Good kids.

Goofy Girl said...

I'm in the "Thomas is creepy" camp. I'm especially creeped out by the fact that it's George Carlin doing his voice on the DVDs.

There's some just wrong with the guy that came up with "The Seven Dirty Words You Can't Say On Television" doing a kid's program.

We too have a Thomas DVD that we did not buy. It is stuffed back behind the Madagascar and Sesame Street DVDs. Oops! (heh-heh)

Anonymous said...

My son is 3 1/2 and I'm just starting to have to take him to birthday parties for older boys (4 and 5). My first trip down the Target aisle looking for birthday presents for this age group really freaked me out. It is all action figures and all seemed to have some sort of disfigurement. Just mean, terrible looking things. I ended up buying a soccer ball and cones, but those were way on the other side of the store in the sports section. I was really glad when I found them because I couldn't picture myself buying one of those scary things.