August 28, 2006

Monday is the New Friday?

The weekend was AWESOME. Friday was spent with friends eating AWESOME food and desserts that we brought from Andre's that were AWESOME. They have an adorable dog who actually followed Arun around once he figured out that food was to be had. I handed Arun a piece of bread only to observe the dog a few seconds later trotting away, licking his snout. TOO CUTE and Arun was on Cloud 9 the entire evening. Saturday was Canasta night with the gals and we played a variation called Hand and Foot that was AWESOME (be sure to follow the link for the most AWESOME card game site. Name a card game and for sure, Pagat's got it. AWESOME.) Sunday, was an AWESOME day spent with X and Arun. We had Indian buffet and Arun got it all over his clothes, which STAINS, which is NOT so AWESOME, unfortunately. However, X spent most of Sunday afternoon with Arun leaving me free to do fun stuff like read and clean the kitchen counters. Which was AWESOME, because I love me a clean ass kitchen. And the kitchen? Is so clean, we could EAT off the counters. AWESOME. Oh, and after I cleaned all the crumbs off the counter, I retired the Crumb Pooping Toaster and swore in the New AWESOME Toaster, who promises to never, ever let loose a big ole dump of crumbs. Which is, you guessed it, AWESOME.

In the News......... In a continuing quest to pare down the stress in my life, a few weeks ago, I mandated that Mondays would be Mood Days. Meaning, I am going to do whatever I am in the MOOD To Do. I will make a concentrated effort to make NO plans, whatsoever, and will only do spontaneous sorts of activities. Before the Mood Days Mandate, I found that I was getting overwhelmed with going, going, going all the time and hoped that having one "free" day might be the Answer. So far, Mood Days have been pretty cool. It's very freeing to wake up in the morning and not have to do anything - just having the whole day laying (lying? Help! Wordnerd!) around. HA. Who am I kidding here? Today, I rifled through paperwork, paid bills, took a walk, went to the mall, went to Costco, went to Target, had my sister and grandma over to visit, read a bit, did some laundry, cooked a nice dinner (chicken masala and couscous), started my chart for TV Season 2006/07, AND watched the finale of Deadwood (Bah. Disappointing. OBVIOUSLY, they thought they were going to have another season to work with. Boo on HBO.) Oh and yeah....somewhere in all that, I even managed to spend time with Arun. Still, it is great to have ONE somewhat free day. No complaints.

In Other News..............My friend R had a spectacular idea. After hunting around for a Kansas City Stitch n' Bitch to no avail, she determined that WE needed to start one. Look for a post with details coming soon to a blog near you! I am very excited. I had been frustrated with my lack of knitting and had recently made a vow to renew the effort. While reading is a great hobby and I have kept on it since having had Arun, I still need something CREATIVE. To that end, I am definitely going to start devoting more time to the ole Needles and Yarn. The KC Stitch n' Bitch will help me towards that goal and kudos to R for coming up with the idea.

In Other, Other News...........It looks like we are going back to TiVo. As X wryly observed, "We're coming full circle." But, it's all good. Basically, we started out with TiVo, then went to Dish and gave the TiVo to my mom because Dish and TiVo did NOT get along. Frankly, Dish's DVR was pretty awesome, but their customer service everytime we had a problem? SUCKED ASS. Couple that with unreliable signals and it wasn't pretty. I even cried a few times because they were SO frustrating. So, then we went to Comcast and while the service is very reliable, the DVR is TERRIBLE. I could write an entire post on all the various bugs it has. I even called them about it and they didn't really seem to care that their DVR has more bugs than my fucking basement (that's saying a lot, too. Because the bugs in my basement? Are probably plotting a takeover.) Anyway, we are going back to TiVo. We are in a holding pattern right now waiting for the Series 3 to see if we can afford it - we have seen price estimates all over the board on it and some of them are downright SCARY prices, too. However, I am hopeful and have already offered up My Christmas 2006 AND My Birthday 2007. If the price is right? I'd be willing to pony up Mother's Day 2007 - that's how badly I am jonesin' for the Series 3.

So, that's the News around Rancid le Manse. Not bad, really.


Modern Day Hermit said...

Mmm, chicken curry. I made an Indian style couscous this weekend - was supposed to be the Indian pancakes but I realized too late I'd thrown in couscous (too damn early, I guess) but it was fantastic.

I wonder if my boy will like Chicken Curry? Of course, I'm sure he'd like one of them, I only have about 100 variations, he should like at least one!

I'm glad to hear I'm not the only one who made a Fall 06/07 chart for tv watching. I did so to organize the DVR.

I'd love to get into knitting, I have so many friggin' hobbies that I don't have time for. Good luck on your knitting adventure!

Anonymous said...

My parents and my aunt and uncle play Hand and Foot for hours and they LOVE it . I haven't been sucked in yet but I am sure it is coming as my Mom and aunt haven't been getting along of late.

Sounds like you had a great weekend - Yay!

Anonymous said...

AWESOME! All of it AWESOME! I love your Monday idea ... it's, um, well, awesome!!!

Diana said...

What a fantastic idea! Mood Monday. I need to adopt something like that.

You are always full of good ideas.

Beware the coup in the basement. Have a case of Raid ready at the top of the stairs.

Anonymous said...

YOU were at Costco Monday? We were at Costco Monday! I didn't even see you. I am so jealous that you know how to knit. How did you learn? I have a book for children that teaches knitting, but I can't make heads or tails of it.

Too bad you aren't looking for a DirecTV receiver with TiVo, because we have a few we're looking to unload.