August 4, 2006

Don't clams live in the sea, too?

We pondered this yesterday, as we sat at Bob's Clam Hut on Route 1 in Kittery, Maine feeding our son clam strips. You see, all the Wise Baby Tomes solemnly state that maybe you shouldn't feed your 9.5 month old baby "seafood", or "fish", "shellfish". They don't mention "clams" or his little buddy "scallops". Anyway, our boy hasn't clutched this throat yet, so I think we are safe.

We ended up arriving in Boston at 5:00 AM. We sat on the runway for over 3 hours - it became this weird vortex of time continuem where everything stood still. Arun slept the entire time and we took turns holding him. Overall, Arun handled it all like a champ - we had a few issues when we landed in Manchester where he decided that No, he wouldn't really like to ride in his carseat onto Boston. "Thanks, but no thanks - I'll pass this time." sigh Then, when we did get to Boston, he decided that No, he wouldn't really like to go to sleep just yet.

Yesterday morning, we got ready and headed up to Kittery for some outlet mall shopping - S and A had to work, so this was a good use of our time. It also afforded Arun the opportunity to get in some MUCH needed shut-eye. We are driving S and A's car and it just happens to be Ridiculous, too. It's like we're tooling around New England in OUR car, except now it has the Wood Grained interior package.

While in Kittery, X got a phone call that some business associates of his could meet us for dinner, after all so we ended up staying in Kittery and going to Robert's Grille and Seafood Market. The food was great except for one thing. It just so happens that "Robert" and "Bob" of the Clam Hut just ACROSS THE STREET are one and the SAME. So, essentially, we ate the same thing for dinner as we ate forlunch at drastically INCREASED prices.

So, we came back to Boston pretty fucking full of CLAMS. The rest of the evening we spent drinking some wine and hanging out with S and A. S had a fun DVD full of Bollywood videos, much to A and X's chagrin. In fact, they both headed to bed early to escape the Cheese.

Anyway, today everyone here has Things To Do Work-Related, including X, so I am having him drop me off at the Metro. Arun and I are going to go into downtown Boston for the day to hang out. Arun likes the aquarium at my gym's nursery, I wonder what he'll think of the one in Boston?

Oh, and coincidentally, there just "happened" to be a Coach Outlet in Kittery. Mix in a 60% discount? I think I heard some angels on high croaking away in the distance. So, um, yeah. I got a diaper bag, of sorts.


Anonymous said...

Clams are shellfish. Just letting you know - I'm not judging - I plan to stuff anything and everything down my kid's gullet. I'm not one of "those" kind of mamas. Just a little knowledge from the sea.

Monkey McWearingChaps said...

I can only imagine the look on X's face when you tell him fish and shellfish is verboten.

Hey, I'm coming around on Coach! I've been lusting after one but am prioritising photo equipment right now. Have you been to the outlet in Vegas? The one that's a little bit past the strip? It's big.

Post a picture. My hatred of all things Coach has turned into mild craving.

(if you're wondering why, my sister's in-laws gave me a Coach watch as my present)

Anonymous said...

LMAO at fucking full of clams. That was hilarious.

I want a picture of the Coach diaper bag! I need a big Coach purse!