August 10, 2006

Does something smell phishy around here?

So, some Asshole Phisherman went phishing in my husband's email account and DUDE, he caught himself a big 'un. ......sigh....... I am not necessarily mad at X, but the latent data security analyst in me is screaming "How could you fall for that??!!?!?!" The thing is, X is actually quite savvy in the technical arena and usually knows what he is doing. I suspect the Asshole Phisherman merely caught X on a Slow Mental Day. Fortunately, our savings account wasn't wiped clean, we noticed the transfer immediately, and we should have our stolen money back shortly. Of course, now I am paranoid as to what else they are going to do to us - the Phisherman had access to our on-line bank statements which have all sorts of juicy details about us. I suppose I need to start contacting the credit bureau people. This does not bode well for my Paranoid Personality, folks.

So, Internet, take it from me, when you receive an email from anyone, DON'T USE THE LINK IN THE EMAIL. Open a new window and use your normal e-route.

Bad daddy!


Anonymous said...

MAN, that sucks pretty hardcore. I've been phished many a time for my paypal account. Thankfully, I've never fallen for it. But they're getting pretty darned savvy these days. Scary!

Anonymous said...


so sorry that happened to you -- I do hope you get all your "private life" back. It's scary. LuAnn

Rozanne said...

I tried to leave a comment yesterday, but Blogger was having some issues.

Anyway, that is horrible that X got phished. Was he using a PC or a Mac? I've alway been under the impression that phishers can't hack into Macs very easily.

Anyway, I'm glad he's going to get the stolen money back. Whew!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I'm curious what happened. I also had a paypal phish and fell for it once. I noticed it almost immediately though and changed my passwords and looks like nothing happened. Now my bank is notifying us of phishing scams using their email. I'm worried because I feel I don't know enough to notice when I've been phished.

Cagey (Kelli Oliver George) said...

He was most likely using a PC.

What most probably happened is that he received an email that looked like it was from our bank. This is not unusual, because we get emails from them all the time. The email was something along the lines "something is wrong with your account, please verify". X vaguely remembers responding to something like that. What he should have done is gone directly to our bank's site to verify the information - then he would have discovered the email was a false one. I think what happened, is that X was checking his email in a hurry and just didn't think. He's usually pretty good about security and such, but he has been traveling a lot lately with a pretty hectic schedule.

FFF said...

I've gotten those emails that look like they are from the bank too. They are VERY realistic looking, with appropriate links and logos. Glad you guys figured it out!