August 5, 2006

How far is TOO far?

Note to the Woman with the Afrolicious Hair on the MBTA Inbound Redline, late Friday Morning: I am truly sorry that my baby boy kept grabbing your beautiful hair. Seriously - your hair was GORGEOUS, an Image to Behold. And my boy? He simple could not resist The Glory that was your hair.

Okay - this Blogging Whilst Vacationing thing is pretty cool - I don't enjoy when I come back from vacation and feel the need to do One Monster Musing that details the trip. You see, I actually peruse my archives periodically because in the grand scheme of things, this blog is pretty much for ME and I like to reminisce. Yeah, having an audience really helps with the Motivation Factor, but 10 years from now? I am going to be very appreciative of this. And this is why I bring myself to posting about Purse Purchases. At first, I felt sheepish that I had written about it because it felt Braggish. However, I really DO want to remember that time in 2006 when my husband pushed me to purchase a silly purse because he knows how much I adore a good handbag. He understands that right now, there isn't much glamour in my life and that if a purse can brighten my day while schlepping around diapers, then So Be It. After all, it's hard to be TOO impressed with oneself when you primarily wear Keds and capris.

Friday turned out to be an interesting day. Everyone except Arun and I had to work, so I decided it would be best to just take him into Boston. X dropped us off at the subway, so riding that provided for some pretty fucking cool Entertainment Mileage FOR ME as I watched Arun's big ole bug eyes get Buggier. Sadly, the subway quickly lost its cache when we hit stop #3 in an 11 Stop Journey that included TWO line changes. Which also proved quite unfortunate for the Afrolicious Beauty seated right next to us.

We finally made it to the New England Aquarium. We stood in line for a good 20 minutes, waiting for the privilige to purchase $18 tickets when I realized that I was already tired of the Buggy Brigade. I just didn't feel like fighting the Good Fight with all the other strollers, screaming kids, tired parents. So, I left the line and walked over to Faneuil Hall/Marketplace to hang out. Then, I meandered over to the Boston Commons and walked around there. Then, I strolled over to Copley Square. Then, I walked over to Beacon Hill and wandered around there for a bit before heading back over to the Boston Commons again. Then, I got back on the subway, went to Harvard and walked around THERE before meeting everyone for dinner, where the restaurant was also in Cambridge where we again, WALKED. "Someone" can attest to the fact that I EARNED my Molten Chocolate dessert that evening. Why all the Walking? Arun fell asleep at the very beginning, Faneuil Hall, and didn't wake up until we were in Beacon Hill - he slept for nearly 4 hours. I knew he needed the sleep, so I was willing to walk, walk, and walk if that was what it took because the poor kid was worn out after our fiasco with the Chicago layover.

So, while I feel sad that Arun missed out on my Favorite City (AKA, the One City that X Could Convince Me to Leave My Crazy Family For), I was very excited that I got to walk so much. It reminded me of my first trip to Boston, back in 1991 when I came to visit friends. We were staying in a crappy, run-down apartment near Fenway. We were really poor college students and either walked or took the Metro everywhere. Yesterday brought back a lot of sweet memories from that first trip.

The other nice thing about yesterday, is that I was able to take my time - if I felt like it, I would just sit and People Watch. As a bonus, with Arun sleeping, I also got to munch my Vendor Food in peace without two little freeloadin' hands clawing desperately at my grub. There was also a nice farmer's market going on in Copley Square, so I hung out there for quite awhile. I did walk through the Trinity Church which was absolutely breathtaking. I haven't been in a church for quite awhile...cough....cough..... Even X commented that I probably drove God to Drink when I walked through the doors.

Anyway, the highlight of the trip was when someone asked me for directions to the Arlington station. As a tourist, I ALWAYS take it as a compliment when someone asks me how to get somewhere. Of course, I totally blew My Cover when I pulled out my guidebook to point her off in the right direction.


Monkey McWearingChaps said...

The prices just keep going up and up at the NE Aquarium and Science Museum. And dude, that is a LOT of walking. Ooh, did you go to the dessert place kinda close to the JFK School of Government? I was thinking of reccomending it and then totally forgot to type it in to my email.

Hmm, well I am braggy about my purchases all the time...although these days it's mostly about my farmer's market purchases.

Please to post pictures soon.

PS: I think it's Arun's way of getting revenge for no doubt tons of strangers patting him on his head for that enviable rug.

Monkey McWearingChaps said...

Also, yes, that is a TON of walking, lots of it on incline even.

However, it's a gorgeous walk.

Cagey (Kelli Oliver George) said...

YES - we went Finale! We did a few flights of port and sherry, the molten chocolate and a creme brulee. AWESOME.

Also, will post snaps when I get back to Kansas.

Anonymous said...

I haven't been to Boston since the day after your wedding, but I'd love another chance to see the city sometime. We did as much tourist-y stuff as we could, but it was pouring rain the whole time and that cut down on a lot of possibilities.

MandaCakes said...! The only thing that would be better is pictures of the Woman with the Afrolicious Hair, although I imagine that she wouldn't have appreciated you taking a snapshot while your baby had his hands buried in her 'fro. Bummer.

MLE said...

The one time I was in Boston I walked everywhere I possibly could, because what better way to see it?

Also, the shopping in Boston was lovely.

Goofy Girl said...

Boston is such a walkable town. I too like the Boston Commons area. So pretty and so much new and old mixed together.

Save your money and visit the Baltimore Aquarium's fabulous.

Still chuckling about the term "Afrolicious".

Rozanne said...

Yeah, Boston is a great city for walking. So much history!!!! Plus, it is a crapolicious city for driving! Scar-eeeeeee!!! Scary and confusing.

Much better to see it on foot and via public transportation.

Those desserts sound great.

Min-tea said...

You sounded like you had a lot of fun. I wish I could go on a vacation too.