May 17, 2005

Who says 2 inches isn’t enough?

Saturday, I went for Visit 3 of my 6 Visit Great Clips Experiment. I am definitely getting used to the whole concept of “in and out” haircuts. It was great – I was short on time anyway and it was very convenient to swing in, get my hair clipped, and then head out on my way to the other million things to be accomplished that morning. I even had the gal chop 2 inches – and what a difference that made! I have been hitting quite a Feeling Gorgeous Slump and there is something about a new haircut and a new wardrobe (albeit a maternity one) that really helps a girl out. Now, all I need is a pedicure and a new purse – then I am back to being my normal Sexpot self (so sarcastic, so sarcastic…)

This weekend, I was left wondering “what happened to my Sentimentality Bone?” Did Age destroy it? Did Experience? Did Asshole #1 or did Asshole #2? Did my Pollyanna Mother? The mantra of my childhood was the double whammy of my mother telling me “you’re so cynical, just like your father!”, so maybe I come by it honestly – perhaps I never had a Sentimentality Bone.

One of my very good friends is getting married this coming weekend so over the past weekend we threw a bridal shower for her with the theme of Romance. I am so happy for my friend – the guy she is marrying is a very nice guy and I am confident they are going to be very happy. Furthermore, my friend has had a few rough years and she DESERVES this great guy. However, I had a hard time understanding the whole “romance” theme and was very uncomfortable as people were oohing and aahing during the shower – because I just didn’t get it. I don’t mind seeing this stuff on TV, but am awkward with it in real life, I guess. Now, lest you think that X and I are made of stone, we have our “cute moments” but just aren’t prone to dramatic romantic gestures. I really prefer the day-to-day stuff – like when he brings me frozen custard as a surprise, tells me “thank you” when I have picked up his dry cleaning, is patient when I am sick and my favorite – when he tweaks my nose as he is teasing me. When confronted with hearts and roses, I want to turn and run the other way.* In fact, I think I love X more now than I ever could have imagined – he has been a champ these past few months with all the crummy stuff at my job and all the sickness. But, I don’t need romance to remind me of what a sweetie I snagged. So, I just don’t get it.

My feeling like a sourpuss only got worse as the weekend progressed. On Sunday, my youngest sister graduated from high school this past weekend – the nice thing is that the graduation was held at the University of Kansas’ football stadium – my university alma mater. As we sat listening to schmaltzy speech after speech, I couldn’t help but think that I had sat through 4 of my own graduations (junior high school, high school, undergraduate, graduate) and I don’t remember much of anything from any of them other than being very hot in those stupid polyester cap and gowns. The graduation ceremony always seemed to be some sort of hazing for the Next Big Step – could you survive the ceremony without passing out from heat exhaustion?(and later graduations were only exacerbated by the champagne we imbibed as we walked down the hill TO the stadium.) Anyway, my dad and I eagerly kept track of the program to gauge when it would be over and we could escape (SEE? I DO come by it honestly). After the ceremony ended, we joined the hordes and trudged back to our car. As we left the stadium, I stopped to take a picture of one of my very favorite viewpoints of the campus – the memorial for the students that fought in World War I. Oddly enough, I found myself tearing up.

Hmmmm…maybe I am not the Tinman, after all. Whew.

*Jewelry, on the other hand, is considered a “functional item” and is always gratefully accepted without question.

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