May 6, 2005

Should I have had a V8?

Warning: What follows is a very boring post about my eating habits. I’d move along if I were you. Really.

I was so happy and contented last night on the way home. As I was thinking about this state of affairs (aka how happy I was), I realized that my posting yesterday probably reflected anything but that. I began to realize that maybe something is not right, but I couldn’t put my finger on it. Everything is going so well right now and I really do feel fabulous except that I am TIRED. I have no energy.

Well, I got home last night by 6:30 and ate dinner. By 7:30, I lamented the fact that it was too early to go to bed. X said “Why not? Go to bed!”. So I did – but when I say I am tired, I am not sleepy. So, I went to bed and mustered the patience to watch 2 episodes of CSI sitting patiently on the DVR (yippee!). Afterwards, I still couldn’t shake the feeling that something wasn’t right. Then, it hit me like a bolt - total mental forehead slap. Anemia, perhaps? I pulled out my trusty Pregnancy: Week by Week book and it was very helpful (I haven't invested in many books since the Internet is FREE, but this book has been very good). Anyway, what struck me the most were the statements regarding “shortness of breath” and "fatigue"*. I had just commented to a co-worker last week that I was experiencing weird gasps of breath – particularly in the middle of the night and not necessarily after obvious instances where I have been active – say after having climbed 2 blocks to get to work.

I guess it would make sense that I am a little low on iron – I am not eating beef as I used to. While I can eat chicken now, I am still not crazy about it so overall; I just haven’t been getting as much meat in. Ironically, I have had HUGE cravings for fruit and salads – vitamin C is important for iron absorption. So, I guess I will have to start eating beef again and I can feel my arteries hardening as I type this. Sigh. I figure I will try this whole diet thing for a week before I call the doctor. Of course, I JUST went to the doctor’s early this week, but I had questions for her regarding my business trip later this month so I forgot about the whole “shortness of breath” thing.

Sorry for the boring post, but I feel better for having collected my thoughts and getting this out. I realize now that the tiredness was taking a toll on me emotionally because I was feeling LAZY. I have SO MUCH TO DO right now and the only productive thing I did this week at home was load the dishwasher. If anything I have learned this week it is this: bedrest does not sound appealing.

Anyway, it’s back to beef tacos, I suppose.

*I will just ignore the comment “anemia is common with multiple fetuses”, thank you very much.

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