May 3, 2005

Hello, operator? Can I have the number for the SRS?

Not very much of import has happened lately. I had the garage sale on Friday and Saturday – I made about $275 overall, which wasn’t shabby considering how few items I had gathered up for it (I had a HUGE garage sale last year prior to moving). However, I did have DVDs, CDs and some computer-related items so my tally quickly grew. I also really lucked out because my two nearest neighbors had HUGE garage sales. Since their garages AND driveways were jammed packed, people were stopping left and right for THEIR sales, and therefore didn’t mind meandering by my pathetic offering. The only downside to this garage sale was 1) it was freakin’ cold and 2) I did it by myself. In the past, my mother and I have done garage sales together and it is fun to have someone to snicker with while people-watching. There weren’t many surprises this year, but I have to admit at how shocked I was at the number of people who left their kids in the car while perusing. Let me be specific here. I am not against people leaving children briefly in a running car in their own driveways.* It’s an entirely different matter to leave your child in a running car in MY driveway, while you scoot two houses away scouring for bargains.

On Sunday, I went to visit my friend M. who has the most adorable twin girls. Since M. has 2 of everything, she didn’t mind my taking a gander at her pile o’ baby stuff. I walked away with a high chair, the ever-dangerous yet entertaining Johnny-jump up**, a swing, baby gates, bathtub AND a baby wipe warmer. M. gave me the warmer sheepishly and said since she splurged with her own money, I could take hers guilt free. I couldn’t agree more – I would never spend my money on something so silly***, but since M. had already thrown hers out the window – the better for me.

Anyway, that was my weekend. It was sort of my last free one, too. I have something planned on every single Saturday and Sunday until JUNE 19th. No joke. JUNE 19th is my next free day.

*Of course, I am also planning on letting my child have a pacifier (only up to 4 months of age, though) so I guess I am already well on my way to being a Bad Mommy. I also plan to teach him/her about other religions besides our own, the FACTS of Evolution and Gay Marriage. To boot, they will probably be raised on a hearty diet of mercury-laden fish and salmonella-rich chicken. The horrors.

**Another example of my impending future as a Bad Mommy.

***Bad Mommy! No Good Mommy would want to put a cold wipe on her baby’s butt. Bad Mommy!

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