May 10, 2005

Who needs a brother when you can have a sister?*

I am still feeling very low on my energy levels despite the steak fajitas and spinach salads. I had asked my sister early last week if it was okay to feel so tired and she replied “of course!”. However, she just spent the weekend with me and said “um, that’s not so normal”. So, I called my doctor yesterday and went in for some blood work today. I am sure everything will come back fine, thus securing my status as a Whiner. And you know what? If everything does come back fine, then I will say GREAT! and move on – I’d rather be a hypochondriac than actually sick, right?

The weekend went fine. I did go maternity clothes shopping and THANK GOD, I took my sister. I was ready to leave in a huff after the first fitting room “session”, but knew if I tried to run away my sister would declare ME to be the big baby. So, rather than face her disgust at my lack of patience, I endured 5 more fitting room visits. The result is that I left with a few nice shirts and some pants that actually fit the shorties that serve as my legs. I have to admit that I am slightly embarrassed that my maternity wardrobe is quickly becoming more fashionable than my normal wardrobe. In short, I hate clothes shopping so much that when I do find things that fit, I wear them until they fall apart. The result is that my normal wardrobe is shamefully outdated. I am taking this opportunity to chuck much of it because I figure I will be in the mood to buy NEW clothes after wearing these maternity clothes anyway. I do love buying purses, though. Doesn’t a pregnant chick need a new purse for her burgeoning waist? Hmmm…..

I didn’t do much this weekend other than attend a friend’s son’s birthday party and visit the Kemper Museum of Modern Art with my sister. It was a nice– they have moved things around and brought out pieces from their permanent collection that haven’t been displayed in awhile. While I was sad to see some of the older pieces go away for storage, it was nice to see a new selection. The current exhibit was 3 short films – we only were able to sit through one of them, so I definitely need another trip before the exhibit ends. And finally, a visit to the Kemper isn’t complete without lunch in the fabulous cafĂ© there. YUM.

Saturday night, my sister and I went to see The Interpreter. It was pretty good! I’d definitely give it a 4 out of 5 sheep rating. Of course, it was melodramatic and silly in parts, but it held my interest despite the somewhat simple, contrived plot (frankly, I think HBO has absolutely spoiled me with their stellar programming - I expect far more from plotlines these days). Regardless, I don’t think it was meant to be an Oscar contender anyway and sometimes, you just need a fun, entertaining movie. I was also impressed that the UN allowed the crew unprecedented access for filming onsite – this certainly lent an air of authenticity.

Sunday, I put together my Summer Reading List. One common theme I hear about motherhood is the “lack of reading time”. I don’t mind giving up/limiting many things – some of my hobbies, going out with friends, TV shows, etc, but the thought of giving up my reading time makes me very sad. I decided to put together a list of books that I must read by October. There is no real rhyme or reason to the list – it is a mix of non-fiction and fiction, fun and serious. I just wanted to have a goal for reading this summer and also to clear out some of the books in my “to be read” bookshelf. I selected 10 books from my shelf, but needed to include some breathing room for book club selections and for library books coming in from my Holds list. I have several plane trips coming this summer (business and pleasure) so I am looking forward to snuggling in with a book on those trips.

*Nothing against brothers, but I am guessing most brothers wouldn’t endure maternity clothes shopping. I know MINE sure wouldn’t!

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