May 26, 2005

So, how did it go?

My meeting with the Not So “Super”visor went FINE. I totally over-reacted. In my defense, the atmosphere around here has such an aura of Gossip and Innuendo that everyone is a bit paranoid, to say the least. I have offices all over the country calling me to get the scoop on the Big Burper (Read: they haven’t sent US an email, but apparently other offices had no qualms about announcing her departure) Anyway, I am glad my freak-out was “much ado about nothing”, rather than “much ado about SOMEthing”. I think wigging out was good for me since I went into the meeting completely prepared with action items and things I have accomplished in case she tried to skewer me.

Anyway………….. So, last night, my sister gave me a firm reprimand on my reference to this creature inside of me as “the kid”. She thinks I should say “the baby” instead. Seinfeld notwithstanding, the term “the baby” annoys me for some reason. My grandma refers to one of my 4 year-old cousins as “the baby” – could that be the reason for my irritation? Besides, what’s wrong with “the kid”?*

In part, my sister’s attitude probably lies in the fact that she approaches this stuff in a dreamy state complete with the clouds clearing and the angels on high singing.** While I think this stuff is very cool, I am well aware that it is the result of years of evolution – it’s BIOLOGY.*** Yes, it is kick-ass but I am one of millions doing it.**** Wanna try miracles? How about my friend that went through miles of red tape with 2 different governments, had strangers scouring her house for potential Danger, forked over tons of $$$, THEN hopped on a plane TWICE to travel thousands of miles to meet her child. A son who couldn’t be more perfect or suited for her and her husband had they given birth to him. A son who, from the beginning, is so like them in personality that it is downright scary. Um, THAT’S a miracle in my books.

So, while saying “the kid” may rub others the wrong way, I will continue to do so knowing that I love ”this kid” more than anything else in the world (well, just after X, that is) all while fervently hoping that I raise “a kid” with half the sense of humor that my dad instilled in me.

And if the angels on high do come calling in October? That’s fine, too!! I enjoy a good chorus line.

*While hamster comments are always welcome, please leave out the baby goat ones. Thanks, The Management.

** She even tried to convince me once that changing Older Nephew’s poopy diaper was a great way to bond. Nice try, sistah.

***Yes, yes, YES, I believe in God, but really, don’t you think he could have created evolution and biology? He’s GOD, for goodness sake!

**** AND I am doing it in a 1st world country with 1st rate healthcare while married to a 1st rate husband. I may be cynical, but never, ever accuse me of being ungrateful or I shall have to hunt you down.

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