May 24, 2005

Can you keep a secret?

There was a time when X would go out of town and I would cherish those days alone on my Husband Vacation. Now, his trips are so frequent that I fear I am starting to suffer a little bit of ADD because I am certainly feeling disordered due to the deficit of attention from the spouse these days. I am nearing the point where I may damn well throw his socks all over the place MYSELF just to keep from missing him. I haven’t complained too much because he has been working his tail off these days and is exhausted – the last thing he needs is to feel bad about it since it’s not his fault. Still I miss him. And yes, I am fully aware this is a GOOD thing.

People are dropping like flies around here and per usual, Big Al hides his head like an ostrich. Since I am in information security, I get the request to delete the person’s access. Imagine my surprise how often I am getting these requests AFTER the person leaves. It would be nice to have a little notice AND it would be nice to be able to say GOODBYE to the person leaving. When I give MY notice cough, cough you can be sure I will sending out my own little "announcement". Speaking of my impending departure – there are better kept secrets in Hollywood (Tom loves Katie? Tara Reid likes to drink? JLo’s butt is the size of Marc’s ego?) In fact, just yesterday Really Cool Gal told me that she let my boss know I wouldn’t be coming back after the baby is born in October. Hmmmmmm First, Really Cool Gal, you have just been downgraded to Really Tepid Gal and second, try July. Yeah, you heard me. I won’t be coming back after that little known holiday aptly named INDEPENDENCE Day and damn straight – you won’t know this until I give my notice to HR. That’s what I get for trying to be honest with her – the ONE person I thought I could trust here. Sigh.

I was feeling conflicted about quitting early. I mean, it does seem excessive to have 3 whole kid-free months. However, this conflict was easily resolved after yesterday and merely cemented further after this morning. Besides, when X and I first discussed my leaving so early, I came up with a “project plan” of sorts for all the things that I could work on over the summer (this was to justify to MYSELF as to why I should quit. X doesn't care one way or another.) Believe you me, toting my great-aunt P to do her shopping sounds MIGHTY appealing just about now. I’d rather be cruising around in the hot sun with an 84 year old than be in this joint.

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