May 25, 2005

Anyone know?

I have done a bit of research on my legal rights in the working place while I am pregnant. Unfortunately, there is nothing there about what to do when your manager is a complete and utter bitch. Now, she has requested a meeting with me tomorrow. When I went to her office to ask what it would be concerning (oh, I don’t know, so maybe I could be PREPARED), she replied that she “just wanted to check in with me”. Basically, this gal is a master of sneak attacks. She will save all your indiscretions for weeks, then lay ‘em all on you at once.

What makes me feel terrible is that the Freeloader has been moving A LOT these past few days. I mean, the kid generally kicks around a bit after orange juice or a workout, but I can’t help but feel awful that now the little critter is flailing about because of all the adrenaline rushing through my body. I feel sick to my stomach from all the stress* and then it just makes me feel even worse to feel the kid kicking about as if to say “Hey! Yo! What’s going on out there?”.

I fear my manager wants to confront me about the fact that I will be leaving after the kid arrives. I don’t think she can do that. Does anyone know? I have been towing the party line of working til October, coming back after that. I guess I could lie, but I still think it sucks that I even need to do THAT.

*Keep in mind that there still has been no announcement that the Big Burper had burped her last. We have people traipsing by all day long asking “Where is she? Did she get fired? What happened?”

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