January 10, 2005

Will I miss him?

X is out of town this week –a Husband Vacation of sorts. Basically, I am looking forward to 8 CUH-RAZY nights in the Rancid Raves le manse. Cheese and crackers will be acceptable dinner options now. The bed will be made every morning – correctly, not by merely throwing the blanket over the bed to and fro. Dishes will not be allowed to become scary exercises in the many life stages of mold. In fact, dishes will bypass the sink entirely and proceed directly to the dishwasher. Gasp! I am going to knit and make jewelry to my little heart’s content – to the tune of Oprah and Dr. Phil (with no one in the background shaking his head disbelievingly at the seriously unhealthy public out there and my own bad taste in eagerly watching them). I will happily blast Madonna and Pink Floyd through the rafters. And finally, I will pound out Chopin’s Funeral Marche at Midnight, if I so desire. I better get to work – I have a lot to accomplish!!!!

Oh, and the answer to the question? I already do. Sigh.


Anonymous said...

LuAnn says we should do dinner this week since you have some time . . .Thursday I'm free . . . think about it.

Anonymous said...

Hey, if you and Anonymous and LuAnn end up having dinner on Thursday, count me in!

- Jane

Cagey said...

Well, I guess Joey can wait then! When, and where?

Me said...

Hey, keep me posted on dinner plans too. A break from the hospital would be nice. May need to bring the twerp - hope no-one would mind?

Rozanne said...

I love the idea of pounding out Chopin's Funeral Marche at midnight! Defiance and Despair all rolled into one.

It is nice to have the house to yourself, no doubt about it. Enjoy!

Cagey said...

and I really do pound it out - that wasn't blogging exaggeration. It just sounds wonderful when it is played loudly - all the notes really come through.

The rest of "you alls":
Dinner sounds great. Thursday it is. Please bring the Twerp in all his twerpy greatness! Shall we do something on the cheap? Would you like to do near 39th street to be near the hospital?