January 14, 2005

I had a bright, cheery (sarcastic) post planned for today, but I didn't have the heart to write it when I saw today's headline in my local news. I couldn’t even come up with a title for today’s post. My state is proposing a same-$ex marriage ban. Sigh. I am so saddened by this and ashamed of my state for the 2nd time in my life (the first being the ban on teaching evolution in schools). I just don't understand it. What is so criminal and salacious with two people loving each other and wanting to build an emotional and financial life together? (rhetorical question. Please don’t answer.)

What we really need is a ban on 55-hour marriages and in particular, Mexican divorces for American marriages.

Yes, I will return to meaningless nattering next week, but today it seems trite when there are others who simply don't have the same basic rights that X and I have.


Rozanne said...

Ugh. I know how you feel. To the great dismay of many Oregonians (myself included), Oregon voted to enshrine discrimination in its Constitution with a ban on gay marriage. It's criminal.

Cagey said...

What surprises me is that it wasn't such a hot topic for me before last year. I didn't really care one way or another. Then, for whatever reason (maybe because I got married myself?), the unfairness of it all hit me upside the head. This sort of discrimination isn't all that new, either. I was shocked when a friend of mine told me that in the 60s her white father and Japanese mother had to go to 2 or 3 states before they would find one that would let them get married.