January 21, 2005

Mumble much?

My life is so exceedingly lackluster right now that I don’t even have ample posting material. I need some drama, people! No, actually, I don’t. This has been a pretty peaceful week. I labored for Big Al, went to the gym, finished a cool ribbon scarf, hung out with X, finished the 1st season of The Wire (X hadn’t seen it before. I should mention that The Wire just completely rocks on DVD. I understood so much more the 2nd time around – seeing 2-3 episodes at a time really made things more clear. It just blew me away). Basically, not much happened this week, but it wasn’t stressful, either. How could I complain? Therefore, I won’t.

Aimless Mutterings for the Week:

The Big Burper: At work, I am moving today to a new floor and a new cell. Well, not exactly “new”, truth be told. I am packing everything up so that I can move to the VERY SAME cube that I moved FROM a year ago. Furthermore, I will be sitting again next to a lady (Note: as you will see, “lady” is used in the loosest of contexts here) that has a predilection for um, the polite word? Noisy bodily functions. Yep, I am next to the woman who burps, farts, sneezes and hiccups at will (or so it seems considering the frequency). She also calls all the non-technologically advanced people in her life (mom, brother, friends) so that she can READ ALOUD her email jokes to them. Ah yes, the joy is all mine.

Reproduction: My co-worker commented this week on our lame job situations (Hers is really bad, actually. Mine is just boring and not very motivating. She, on the other hand, got $crewed and her career is completely derailed). Anywho, she told me "you should just have your baby now and Big Al can pay for it. Then you can scoot outta here.". Ha, ha. Yeah, I'll get right on that. Look at me, sitting here on my lazy a$$, not making babies. Too funny (I actually did think it was amusing).

Food Fight: This week, X and I argued again over what seems to be the recurring theme in nearly ALL of our fights. Food. Yes, my friends - FOOD. It's a daily complicated dance to the tune of Compromise and Comparison. Take-out or cooking? Veggies or meat? Chicken or fish? Red tuna or salmon? Indian or Thai? Rice or Naan? What to get and where to get it?

Food is a major topic nearly every single day and the discussion starts early afternoon (my man loves to eat). But seriously now. How LUCKY am I that FOOD is the most serious issue in my marriage? Very.

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Rozanne said...

You *are* lucky that X likes to eat. I came home last evening after working up an appetite with an afternoon of knitting and coffee drinking and asked B if he felt like going out to dinner. B: "No, not really."

Wha?????? He had a bowl of steamed broccoli and I had a jalapeno-cheese bagel. God, we're pathetic! :(