January 18, 2005

Is it Friday yet?

Well, X came back on Sunday – Husband Vacation has come to an end. The feeling of ice cold porcelain on my bare butt this morning was a stark reminder.

The one beauty of working for a quasi-governMENTAL agency is that you get all sorts of holidays. Yesterday, despite being a member of the Majority, Big Al told me I didn't have to come to work because it was Martin Luther King Day. (Ironically, my slightly bigoted father thinks it is unfair that he doesn’t get the day off for St. Patrick’s Day to celebrate HIS heritage. Therefore, he consistently pulls my younger siblings out of school to celebrate – it’s a day chock full of cabbage, kilts, Guiness, and squabbles with Hibernians. Oh yes, the post I will have for you, dear reader, come March 17th.)

Last week, I called my doctor to ask a simple question. Since I am trying to initiate a DNA Project, I have concerns about taking one of my prescription medicines. Of course, the carefully worded website of the drug company assures me this medicine is safe, but let’s face it – the industry isn’t exactly a stellar example of efficient testing methods, is it? This one simple question led to 3 hours worth of appointments yesterday that included a weigh-in (Post-holidays! Grrr), blood-letting (3 vials worth! Ouch.), waiting (zz), more waiting (zzzz), yet more waiting (zzzzzz). Fortunately, I am in the middle of a semi-entertaining book, so that helped matters. UNfortunately, I ended up with a huge headache afterwards (blood-letting, perhaps?) and spent most of the rest of the day laid up on the couch.

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