January 11, 2005

No $hit?

Part of the fall-out from the “Reorganization” last Friday (read: kicking us in the shins and saying “howdya do?”), is that now we are all gradually meeting with our “new and improved, didn’t even know these people ‘til last week” upper management. We are reviewing our current project lists and discussing the forthcoming changes in responsibilities. On Friday, I was told that I would be leaving Group A to work for Group B (for the manager who is a bit of a jerk). Today, I met with the new upper management and decided that what the hell, this chick has NO freakin’ CLUE what I am capable of doing and has no idea of my skill sets. Therefore, I decided to enlighten her and gave her a brief history of my Careers Past. She couldn’t even control her surprise. The result? For the time being, I am staying in Group A and it looks like I will have a newer direction for my responsibilities. Am I happy? Mmmm, not necessarily “happy”, but “happier”. It is definitely better than what I was previously destined for this morning. Hell’s bells, I may even consider staying here (not really). At a minimum, it will make the time here less painful while I search for another gig. Who knows?

While I feel slightly better about my own situation, I do still feel Survivor’s Guilt. It is unavoidable to feel that, I suppose – unless you are the Tin Man. I have some co-workers that were so $crewed by this ordeal and have had their careers derailed and/or utterly eliminated. The sadness emanating from the cube next to me is palpable. And this is from a co-worker who toiled 3 times as hard as my sluggish a$$ did last year.

Regardless, take a page from my book, dear readers (all 3 of you!) and DON’T UNDERSELL YOURSELF. Feeling down? Make a list of your skill set – even if it includes “damn good knitter”. Believe me, you will feel better. Because, well, $hit. It’s true. If you don’t damn well have faith in yourself, no one else will.


Goofy Girl said...

It's amazing the things you can do if you feel like you have nothing to lose!

You go girl!

Rozanne said...

Women especially, I think, tend to undersell themselves. We are subtley conditioned to do so. Good for you for tooting your own horn. And look were it got you! If you'd kept your mouth shut, you'd still be stuck in miserable Group B with the jerk.

Do keep looking for another job, though, this place sounds pretty dysfunctional.

Cagey said...

This place is really no more dysfunctional than any other place I have worked. The one good thing is the whole "quasi-governmental" aspect that includes all Federal holidays. :-)

However, I will start looking for another gig and I will, of course, do a "great reveal" when I leave and disclose this great "bastion of respect".

Grant said...

You could always come back to the grand-daddy of dysfunction...

Cagey said...

Ha! The Grand-daddy of Dysfunctional is what keeps me sane at Big Al's place. Every time I get down about my sucky, quasi-govern-MENTAL job, I just remember the hell you guys are enduring. No thanks! :-)