January 3, 2005

Do you have “that friend”?

I had a very nice weekend. A high school friend, T., was in from out of state and we met for lunch. T. is the sort of friend that I see very occasionally – maybe once a year, but usually it’s more like every 2 years. One of the things I enjoy most about meeting with her is that I never, ever feel pressure to impress. It doesn’t matter how much weight I have gained, the make/model of my car, the increasing line of wrinkles on my forehead. It is always an absolute joy to see her and catch up. Always. Of course, I couldn’t help but notice our conversation now covered more about charter schools, and real estate purchases than the old fun game of “Well, who is so-and-so married to now?” While I miss the old fun of gossiping, it is rather nice to be all grown-up.

Saturday evening was relaxing. I worked on my sister’s birthday scarf which was frustrating. (Note to self: no more knitting requests!) Everyone LOVES eyelash yarn! Well, I admit I would too, if someone else was knitting it. Sigh. I spent more time unraveling, and then rewinding that ridiculous yarn. The scarf is a beautiful mix of Berocco Hip Hop and eyelash, so it will be worth it. It does help that my sister is an artist and will certainly appreciate a hand-knit item – makes it all worth the while then.

Mr. X. and I also managed to scoot through 2 excellent movies – Super Size Me and Maria Full of Grace (and he even picked them out all by his lonesome!). If you have read the book Fast Food Nation, then Supersize Me will not come as a big surprise, but you will find the movie infinitely more entertaining than the book (while educational, still a tad dry). Anyway, the movie only served to stiffen my resolve to avoid fast food giants whenever possible. On the other hand, Maria Full of Grace was a heart-tugging, “thinking” movie about a Columbian girl who comes to America as a drug mule. The movie provided fascinating, non-sugar-coated details into the experience of a drug mule. With all the melodrama on TV nowadays, it was refreshing to watch a movie that felt "real".

Sunday was an odd day. My jewelry business partner came over to teach me a very cool technique I hadn’t tried before. I am very excited to work on this technique this week as we work to increase our inventory for one of our stores. I then did some laundry. The odd part started around 5:00 where I felt like a MACK truck had bull-dozed over me. I tried to suck it up and get through the evening, but gave up at 7:30pm and shuffled off to bed. This is very odd because usually I have to force myself to hop into bed before Midnight. I usually have to sneak into the bedroom as to not wake Mr. X. so the role reversal threw both of us for a loop. Oh well, I guess all the fun of the weekend had caught up with me.

I apologize for the lack of wit in this post. I guess I am still out of sorts from my odd evening yesterday.

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Rozanne said...

Here in Portland, OR, we have movie theaters that serve pizza and beer, so I watched "Supersize Me" with two greasy slabs of pepperoni pizza in front of me. Needless to say, I didn't finish them--they were "gourmet" slices, e.g., made with high-quality, organic ingredients, but still. There's no denying that it was way more fat than I needed.

Great movie, thought-provoking and funny.

P.S. I almost bought some eyelash yarn, but I put it back. Now I'm glad I did.