January 25, 2005

Have you got Classical Gas?

As you may know, I have recently moved to a new cube (well, truth be known it's not really THAT new since I moved FROM it almost exactly a year ago.) I recently posted about The Big Burper - my new neighbor. If only she would keep her bodily function noises to BURPING, all would be tolerable. To make things worse, she's got some music going and I SWEAR TO GOD ALMIGHTY ON MY KITTY'S HEAD, I just got to hear the full rendition of "The Chicken Dance". What gives? I thought it was against the law to play that outside weddings. Folks, an elevator just called and it wants its music back!

Oh, dear Lord. She's got "Love is Blue" going now.............

The scariest part? She's not playing the radio.


Diana said...

So, so sorry. The person I share an office with plays the same damn CD over and over. Country music. For the past year. And, yet, I have not killed her. I share your pain. I really do. Now, when she plays it again tomorrow, I will be able to say, "Well, at least it is not the Chicken Dance." For this I thank you.

Anonymous said...

LuAnn---that cracked me up--laughed through my fiber cereal.