January 7, 2005

Am I next?

We have known for 6 months that Big Al will be clearing house. We just didn’t know exactly when. Well, today is the day. I encountered one clearly upset co-worker outside waiting for the shuttle with a sheath of papers in her hand. It didn’t take long to register what had happened. After a quick hug and few “I’m sorrys”, I headed inside. To wait.

I’ll be frank. I am conflicted. I don’t particularly care for this job – it’s pretty boring. However, it allows me to have a nice house and to maintain my expensive hobbies (yarn, beads, clay). The sick and twisted thing is that I cannot get it out of my head that IF I GET LAID OFF, I GET TO LEAVE FOR THE DAY. I GET THE DAY OFF. How pathetic is that?

Update: I still have a job, but I have been "realigned" into another area. An area that is even more boring than the one I am in now. I will be reporting to someone that is okay socially, but I have no respect for professionally. In fact, he is the sort of the guy that leaves his people not only out to dry, but to HANG. Basically, I will have no one covering my back. No one. Of course, the nice thing is that I will still be receiving a paycheck while I hunt for a new job. So, overall, I can't complain. And I do know that I am blessed to have my health, a wonderful husband, and a great family.

After all, I can't lose sight of the big picture and what really counts in the end.

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