January 5, 2005

On the rocks or neat?

Ice, ice baby. An ice storm has blasted its way through our metro. Luckily, my supervisor is a big believer in Personal Safety - we all planned yesterday to work from home and packed accordingly (ah, blessed home network!). However, working from home is over-rated. At work, I have a difficult enough time resisting the siren call of my Favorites links. At home, the temptations are far greater. I have an adorable orange fluffster gnawing on my laptop (must need food now, will desire attention next). Mr. X. will soon wake up demanding coffee, food and then attention, also. On the coffee table there is a beautiful, half-finished scarf with a deadline looming (sister’s birthday). Half-finished jewelry haunts me in the dining room (must re-stock store inventory next week). A dusty piano sits accusingly. Harry Potter sits poised to challenge the dragon (yes, this will be a third reading for me, but IT IS ALWAYS SUSPENSEFUL. Every single time.) SIMS is on the home computer, beckoning me to CREATE them, their friends and their homes (Christmas present I haven’t had time for yet). And then there are Blogs. Glorious Blogs. I have plenty of reads on my own Blogroll to contend with, but since I am leisurely reading from HOME with an entire day rolled out before me, I could actually give in to temptation and start exploring THEIR Blogrolls. And you know what happens from there. Sigh. Isn’t discovering a new Blog sort of like meeting a new friend?

It’s high time I expand my social circle…………..

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Rozanne said...

In the olden days, you would have just had a snow day. No one would have expected you to work from home cuz how could you? Technology--a mixed blessing. I think it's only right that you didn't knock yourself out being productive.