January 26, 2005

Can you do The Shuffle?

Yeah, my iPod is iPoop right now. I will be sending it off to be examined at iPod ResQ based on a recommendation from the Apple Store “Geniuses”. I am very hopeful because I do think it is simply a bad headphone jack (I could even tell on the newer iPod models that the headphone jack had been modified so that it was tighter fit.) While at the Apple Store, it was hard to shake off the sad looks of sympathy from said “Geniuses” as their eyes swept over my 1st Generation (read: old, outdated) machine. I will say this: there is no incentive to buy a newer model - I thought it was interesting that there is very little difference between my old iPod and the new ones – the newbies may look a tad sleeker and have bigger hard drives, but they actually went BACK to the original design with buttons surrounding the Click Wheel (which was a smart move). Additionally, I am not close to using all of my 10Gs yet so there is no real incentive to buy a new one. My Old Guy suits me fine for now.

However, I am looking into purchasing the iPod Shuffle. Despite Goofy Girl’s best attempts at convincing me otherwise, the iPod Shuffle is not a viable substitute for an actual iPod. Besides not including a display and having minimum capacity (it is just flash memory, after all), the Shuffle doesn’t offer any Playlists or Browse functions. Also, I like the option of carrying my entire Library with me. Nevertheless, the little guy is ideal for my gym quandary and for all the yardwork I am "looking forward" to this spring. In the meantime, I am musicLESS while on the go and it is killing me (softly?).

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Goofy Girl said...

I just got word from Mr. Jobs that my iPod Shuffle is on its way! I am SO excited. Having never been spoiled by the Playlist or Browse functions, I am just tickled to be able to store more than 20 songs on one player. (and you thought YOUR iPod was old? Ha!) What will I do with 1GB of flash memory? The sky's the limit!