January 28, 2005

Can you do the Shuffle, again?

My iPot, er, iPod is toast. Oh, it's fixable, don't get me wrong. However, it's to the tune of $149. OUCH.

So, I did go ahead and pick up the iPod Shuffle. So far, so good! If you already have iTunes, it's a cinch to set up. You install the iPod Updater from the CD, restart, then plug the damn thing in. It's basically Plug n' Play which is par for the course with Apple (Rancid Tangent: as a relatively new Mac user, this still creeps me out sometimes - I mean, you can plug something in and it's like the iMac is an overeager hostess greeting the new device with a cocktail saying "Hi! Welcome! Come on in! Glad to meet you!"). Anyway, the Shuffle is exactly what you expect - very teeny, tiny and portable. The sound is comparable to a regular iPod (it's cuh-razy that this is only Flash!) I can't wait to get this puppy to the gym tomorrow.

However, I would still like a regular iPod because I use the Browse and Playlist functions so frequently. I am just not sure if I want a regular iPod or an iPod Mini, therefore the Shuffle is perfect for the interim. Hmmmm, my birthday is coming............ No, X doesn't read my blog (sob!) so unfortunately it's not as if I am hinting.

Anyway, I have a sad, difficult weekend coming and this is certainly a bright spot in it. MAN!! A Gadget Purchase is really a sort of high.


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