June 24, 2009

What's a whack and how can we get back into it?

Yesterday I sort of lost my wedding ring. Or, I had it stolen. Fine lines all over this mess, kicking my ass.

I rarely wear my rings to the gym. But since I was only doing cardio yesterday, I wore it. My cardio got interrupted because a certain little girl had a dirty diaper. Which also rarely happens. I changed the diaper, noticed the adjoining bathroom in the nursery was occupied, so I used some Purell to clean my hands. Another rarity because I loathe Purell and think its stupid. I set my ring on the changing table to apply the Purell. Also rare, because I am so paranoid about my jewelry that I usually stick it into a pocket, rather than putting them down.

Then, I walked away.

Yes, it is my fault that I set my ring down and forgot to put it back on. It still does not prevent me from being infinitely frustrated, disappointed and sick to my stomach that no one bothered to return it.

Yes, it is just a ring and my family is safe and healthy and blah blah blah blah.

Whatever. It was my wedding ring. The one blessed by a priest during a religious ceremony that meant something to the sentimentalist in me.



Anjali said...

Oh, Cagey, so sorry. I hope someone picked it up to return it, and then forgot to take it straight to the lost and found. Keep checking.

My husband lost his wedding ring on our honeymoon, in the ocean. We had his new one re-blessed, if that's a word.

stephanie said...

I hope someone turns it in. I once left an expensive watch (well, by my standards... a couple hundred dollars) that I received as a gift at the gym at my old apartment building. It took someone several days to turn it in, but they eventually did.

My dad once injured his ring finger and had to have his wedding ring cut off so the doctor could fix his finger. My dad carried that ring home from the hospital, ended up getting it repaired once his finger was healed... and then dropped it and lost it when he took it out of the bag the jeweler gave him as he went to finally put it back on. He ended up getting a new one when my parents renewed their vows just before he went to Iraq.

Gori Girl said...

I'm sorry to hear about this - I've had a few close calls where I thought my ring was gone (including leaving it in a public place like you did), but it eventually turned up. Here's hoping that yours does as well.

Unknown said...

I saw this on Twitter and I hurt for you. I hope someone decides to turn it in, sooner rather than later.

jodifur said...

you should justify feeling bad. That totally and completely sucks.

Monkey McWearingChaps said...

It's not silly to feel pissed about losing things that hold sentimental (and monetary) value. People suck.

Rozanne said...

Oh, dear.

However, I think you will get it back. In my experience gyms aren't super together or aces with staff communication and probably don't have a standard procedure for lost valuables. My guess is that some manager or someone (who isn't in every day) is keeping it safe. Call every day and ask if anyone's found it yet. I'll bet it's there somewhere.

caro said...

Aaugh, what a bummer. (Perhaps you've been hanging out with that Rita Arens character too much?)

I wonder if it would be worth putting up signs at the gym? Maybe the thief would be guilted into turning it in if they heard how important it was?