June 29, 2009

What's your function?

In less than 2 weeks, Arun is using the toilet with a 99% success rate. He caught on to Function #1 within a few days - no bribing. Just positive, gentle persistence that he could do it. Function #2, however, was not coming. So, we finally offered up a bribe of a set of "spy toy walkie talkies" and Function #2 mysteriously began showing up in the toilet. 'Twas a miracle! Hallelujulah! Cue the angels on high, folks.

Still, I expect some accidents, but really, in a nutshell, that was our potty training story - The Waiting Game. Which definitely worked for us. I know there is a reasoning that there is some "window" when a child turns two and if you miss that magical portal of potty then tragedy will befall you and your loved ones. Or something like that. Eh. I think every parent needs to just listen and observe his/her child. At two, our son was not ready for potty training at two when we first began all all the Talking and Demonstrating and Bribing With Cool Underwear activities that were met with blank stares. He was not verbal enough and had absolutely none of the signs of readiness that you look for - discussion, interest, awareness, a willingness/desire to dress himself. And yes, we had loads of peers for him who, at two, were fully trained. Furthermore, his own teacher agreed that he was not ready and that it would be best to wait until this spring to start trying - winter has so many onerous layers of clothing, it makes the process tragically messy.

Frankly, an extremely affable, easy-going toddler does not make for an independent toddler. And that is okay, because I still sort of like the kid. On his good days. Hell's bells, on my own good days.

Now, Anjali? Is a different story. She is already doing the Katie Couric on her own functions and as such, demanding her own turn on the toilet (sans results, though). And this is regardless if we are at home, Costco, school, wherever. Her turn at the toilet shall not be denied.

Oh. And how do we celebrate potty training around here?

Just as the carpeting breathed a collective sigh of relief, we went out and got a puppy who needs to be housebroken.

Oh yes, we did.

Lucy Curious


Kelly said...

LOVE the new puppy! I haven't heard much about the spiders lately, are they doing ok? Did you quit talking about them because of that crazy "your cage is too small" lady?

Monkey McWearingChaps said...

Is that the West Highland Terrier you were telling me about a while back?

Monkey McWearingChaps said...
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Olivia said...

That is such a cute dog. And congrats on reducing the number of diapers you have to change.

meno said...

OH! Look at the fuzzy-faced cuteness!

Mamma Sarah said...

How adorable and congrats on the PT success... so far so good here too on that same path.